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Hayley Westenra at the Royal Albert Hall

Our tickets arrived on the morning of, Monday 17th November

12th December: Hayley will lead the singing at Sargent Cancer Care for Children's annual Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Leading a Massed Schools Choir of 400 children from around the country, Hayley will sing not only traditional Christmas carols, but also her favourite Christmas songs and tracks from her best-selling album "Pure".

The evening's entertainment will round off a fantastic week for The Royal Albert Hall, having seen two major opera stars, Bryn Terfel and Jose Carreras, appear there within days of each other. Hayley is to lead the Christmas festivities on December 12th, having already appeared with Jose earlier in the week.

All three of us, Keith S, myself and my wife will be attending the evening's entertainment. We have our seats booked and our car parking is reserved.

We have three excellent seats reserved for us in row 6, close to, if not right alongside, the central isle, so hearing and seeing everything Hayley says and does will be about as perfect as it could possibly be.

The performance starts at 19:00, and as the car park opens at 18:00 we are planning to arrive as close to the earlier time as possible. That way we can take it easy, relax in the bar beforehand perhaps, but most assuredly look forward to a fantastic evening of entertainment.

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