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Sunday Secrets

20 July 2003


Hayley Westenra

SONGBIRD Hayley Westenra is as pure as the driven snow, it seems. An interviewer tried to get her to reveal the naughtiest things she's ever done. Turns out she never sneaks out and the last thing she got into trouble for was not tidying her room.

SHOCK jock Iain Stables must have been a tired boy at work on Friday. He was spotted in a taxi at 5.50am.

JOHN Travolta, who became an icon for the disco craze in Saturday Night Fever, says it was a big mistake to turn down a starring role in Chicago. "I'm still angry with myself that I turned down the role of the lawyer in Chicago that Richard Gere got," he said.

OZZY Osbourne's wife has hailed him as a hero after he wrestled a coyote to save the family's dog. The rocker tackled the predator when it attacked Pipi, Sharon Osbourne's beloved pomeranian.

RENEE Zellweger chastised a German couple in their native tongue in LA for talking trash about her. The actress' slight height and shabby attire offended them. When the woman asked her partner if Zellweger was married, the actress acidly told them: "No, I'm not. I'm 5ft 3in and always dress this way in the morning."

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