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"It's a really great feeling, when you're on stage you are in darkness and then you step out into the lights and it is like you've moved into a different world".

These are the words of Hayley Westenra, a 16-year old rising star from New Zealand. On August 12th, 2003, she will be stepping out onto a stage here in Kuala Lumpur – and you could be right there in the audience!

Discovered at the tender age of six, Hayley is the latest sensation in the crossover classical genre. Her musical style is unique, exploring diverse styles including pop and traditional Maori choral singing.

Hayley is exceptionally talented: She plays three instruments, speaks four languages, and sings like an angel. But she’s also just a regular teenager like you and me – she enjoys shopping and loves Craig David’s music.

So you KNOW you don’t wanna miss the chance to catch her LIVE in Kuala Lumpur this August! Whether you’re familiar with Hayley's music or you’re new to her sound, this is a amazing experience that you will never forget.

Her showcase, brought to you by Universal Music and presented by Xfresh, is a unique opportunity to watch one of the greatest performances of the year! Best of all, you stand a chance to win tickets to her showcase!

Here are the details of Hayley Westenra's showcase:

Date : August 12th, 2003
Time : 7.30pm / 1930 hrs
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tickets : Click here to win tickets

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