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Hello again Hayley fans,

Welcome to the latest newsletter from We've got a special treat this edition - Hayley has just delivered a special note to us, which you can read below.

She will try and write other notes for us (in gaps in her increasingly busy schedule!) so keep watching the site, and look out for these newsletters!

A special note from Hayley...

I'm really sorry I haven't given you an update for a while, but I've been so busy lately with lots of promotion and concerts for my new album 'PURE'! At the moment I'm in London about to release my album into the UK on the 15th September, which is very exciting! A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform with Bryn Terfel and José Carreras at the Faenol Festival in Wales which was incredible....the whole time I was up on stage with them, I was thinking "how on earth did I get up here?!". It was such an honour and an experience I will never forget!

Me with José Carreras and Bryn Terfel

I also performed at the Kenwood and Marble Hill 'Music on a Summer Evening' concert, which was fantastic. It was such a nice, warm atmosphere because everyone was there just to have a good time! People brought along picnic baskets, candles, tables and chairs...everything except the kitchen sink!!

As you probably know, I also had an awesome time travelling around Australia and Asia!! I can now say I've been to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea!! (plus Taiwan...which I visited last year!!)

Doing promotion in Australia was very exciting as it was the first country I'd released an album in, outside New Zealand. I had such a great time and hopefully I'll be back soon! I'm so pleased with how it's's always a bit nerveracking at first, releasing a new album, so I'm thrilled that people are enjoying it!

I also loved Asia -every aspect of it! Everyone I met was so lovely and supportive. I was actually lucky enough to visit a few markets which was cool and I bought myself and the rest of my family a few souvenirs! I also have to mention the food...mmmm delicious (especially the tofu!!). A few people might know of the well-known nightclub 'Zouk' (apparently it's one of the top 5 nightclubs in the world). Well, that's where my Singapore showcase was I'll be including that in my list of prestigious venues I've performed in!!

Well, I better sign off, but I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all their support! I really appreciate all your messages in the guestbook (which I do try and read when I get a chance!) and I'm so glad that you are enjoying my album!!

Lots of love, Hayley xxx

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