Oct 27 2003

A response from the show's promoter


Regarding the recent article regarding Aled Jones's concert in St David's Hall, Cardiff. I was the promoter of the tour.

Contrary to your report, there certainly were live musicians. Aled was performing with four musicians and occasional backing tracks. We believe with the programme he was performing this was a very acceptable format. If we had used a full orchestra the ticket price would have been considerably higher and possibly put him out of range of his core audience.

Regarding the charge of no explanation or apology being forthcoming, this is because no explanation or apology is due.

In respect of Hayley Westenra not being on the bill, it was of course an Aled Jones concert, as the ticket would have indicated, and the advertising clearly stated that the two female soloists were alternating.

We were pleased that we could showcase these quality artistes on Universal Records label at no extra price to the ticket buyer. Because of the length of their contributions, we could not present both Hayley and Katherine Jenkins on the same show. Hayley has performed eight out of 14 shows, and as her album is out before Katherine's she has by chance got a hit album whilst on Aled's tour.

I am sure Katherine, who incidentally is Welsh and already very high profile, will also have a hit when her album is released in the New Year, so anyone who attended this Aled Jones concert will be in the fortunate position of having seen a "star in the making".

We have received many enthusiastic and complimentary letters about the show. A typical comment is: "Aled was perfect, technically and artistically brilliant, and came across as a really nice chap as well. Please can we have him back next year, preferably for two evenings, one was simply not enough."


Tony Clayman Promotions

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