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November 03 2003 -  Official Newsletter from

Official Newsletter #06

Hi Hayley fans,

Here's a special update sent direct from Japan! Hayley's promo trip is going really well. She is going down a storm, the journalists love her and there is a real buzz around her.

The track "Amazing Grace" from Hayley's album "Pure" features really heavily throughout one of the most popular Japanese sitcoms called "Mezamashi" and it has become an incredibly popular song in Japan already. Hayley met the actors and actresses yesterday which was filmed for a morning entertainment tv show. "Mezamashi" is on the same scale as "Eastenders" in the UK or "Neighbours" in Australia, and people are starting to link the song with Hayley more and more. For example, yesterday Hayley did a photoshoot and the photographer didn't know who she was until he was told that she was the voice singing "Amazing Grace" on the sitcom. He was so overwhelmed that he nearly started to cry and told her he watched the show every week and he absolutely loved the song and her voice. He kept on bowing on the ground which was hugely touching for Hayley.

The single of "Amazing Grace" was released yesterday and its sales are really taking off after all her radio performances. Radio support has also been massive for the single, especially considering it is a classical song (and there are no classical radio stations in Japan). Hayley is No.30 in the airplay charts but that was based on last week so it should go up the charts this week.

Overall it seems that Universal Music Japan and more importantly, the people of Japan, are very excited about Hayley and are really behind the album! Way to go Hayley!

Hayley Website Team

PS Hayley fans in Japan mark your calendars because "Pure" will be released on November 19th!

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