Hayley's Japan Tour Diary


Saturday, 25th October Arrive Narita airport

Monday, 27th October 0900 - 1000 Radio recording J-Wave "Good Morning Tokyo"
1030 - 1130 Radio Live J-Wave J-Wave "Boom Town" (tbc)
1330 - 1500 Radio Live Nack 5 Nack 5 "Nack on town"

Tuesday, 28th October Fuji TV "Music Fair" shooting Fuji TV

Wednesday, 29th October Universal Music Japan


Thursday, 30th October Marunouchi building, Marunouchi
J-Wave "Classy Cafe" Event (Radio program recording)

Friday, 31st October Tokyo Forum Hall - 1645 - 1655 Performance
Move to Osaka for next day's TV morning show in Osaka

Saturday, 1st November Kansai TV morning show "Always smiling" Kansai TV
Depart to Taipei

20031027: Below is the very latest news from Hayley's official site:

October 22nd 2003 - Japan & Taiwan promotional tour
Hayley has just flown to Japan to begin a short promotional tour of Japan
and Taiwan. We'll bring you more details as we know them - here's what we
have so far;

Oct. 27th, am.9:30 J-wave "Boom Town" (talk & performance)
Oct. 27th pm 14:00 Nack 5 "Nack on Town" (talk & performance)
Oct. 28th am 10:00 FM TOKYO "Supreme" (talk & performance)
Oct. 30th pm 3:20 JFN "Hiru-side avenue" (talk & performance)
Nov. 2nd pm 7:00 J-wave "Marunouchi Classy Cafe" Classy Concert
(special live)

J-wave "Good Moring Tokyo"
"Marunouchi Classy Cafe"

Shinseido Free paper "Music Town"
Tower Record Free paper "Musee"
Record Newspaper "Magi"
CD Journal
CD Hits.

Thanks go to Decca for providing Hayley's tour information for Japan.


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