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track listing
1 Across the Universe of Time   
2 Never Say Goodbye   
3 Beat of Your Heart   
4 Pokarekare Ana   
5 Who Painted the Moon Black?   
6 River of Dreams   
7 Benedictus   
8 Hine Hine   
9 Dark Waltz   
10 Amazing Grace   
11 My Heart & I   
12 In Trutina   
13 Heaven   
14 Wuthering Heights   
15 Pokarekare Ana - Duet With Russell Watson (bonus Track)   

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True talent is indefinable. You can pontificate about perfect pitch, analyse the cadence of every note, wax lyrical about the feast before you, but you know when people come along and say they love to listen to their CD every day that something special has been communicated.

A voice like Hayley Westenra's can be nurtured and guided through maturity, but its source belongs to nature. Born into a family of singers - her grandparents on both sides sang in pubs and on the radio - Hayley's perfect pitch was noticed by a schoolteacher when at the age of six she performed in a school Christmas play.

She is now 16, a major artist in her native New Zealand, with a performance portfolio that includes the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Russell Watson. Hayley's voice so inspired New Zealand opera diva Dame Malvina Major she offered to tutor her. For Hayley, Dame Malvina has become a mentor and muse.

With so much happening so quickly you would expect a precocious teenager to be the result. Hayley is neither arrogant nor falsely demure, just a young woman with the regular passions of someone her age and an irregular ability to express herself beyond her years.

She knows that to put a song across you have to first understand what it is saying, then get inside it and express its emotion to your audience. It doesn't matter whether it is an operatic piece in French, German or Italian (languages she's studied), or English or Maori, she makes sure she is aware of every nuance.

Hayley has broken new artistic ground in her choice of songs for "Pure", her first international CD release.

Check out some tracks from Hayley's new album:

Pokarekare Ana Real Audio
Who Painted The Moon Black Real Audio

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