Pure - [is Kiwi Magic] Australian Edition Released 14th July 2003
purchased at Sanity store, Top Ryde, luckily not one of the 16 earmarked to close.

Hayley was introduced to us, here in Aus, a little while ago on TV, as "naturally" a Super Kid from a Super Family. What impressed me was the mature and gracious way she handled the many adults who had an apparent problem with the spelling of her family name, this is unfortunatly common in Oz despite our multicultural population, as I know from my own relatively easy surname and our worst case. Because of repeatedly having to explain the pronunciation of Gosia, who was a lovely European Woman, she changed her name to Heather Brown to fit in (shame! Ozzies -shame! "Derryn Hinch" battle cry variation, A New Zealander living in Aus locked up by us Aussies for speaking out LOUD !)

The joy of being a fan and doing a review for an Artists Fansite is that the deadline is more forgiving than for media and this has allowed me to enjoy this Album and watch it in action on others. This has, over the last couple of days, allowed me to be far more objective than after my first listen. Not surprisingly to those who already know Hayley`s work, my reaction is unchanged however and I can now be un-biased when I say simply "magnificent -inspirational -soothing -exciting"

Music to me is about mood, I listen to different styles as well as Artists to enhance or manipulate my mood. To me this is the magic of music and, at 45, I refuse to just be stuck into what I heard as a Kid. Music is written with or about love and so should be treated as such: ie be it classical pop or electronic there is no right or wrong style, music is - as are we all... individual! When introduced to various communities music, like people, should complement and inspire, or just entertain others!

"Pure": Opens with "Across The Universe of Time" that lets you know you are in for an uplifting time.

"Never Say Goodbye": Takes us to a place of harmony and joy.

"Beat Of Your Heart": Is a special to all sorts of song that make you want to say ..thankyou!

"Pokarekare Ana": If one does not stand up when this is played it makes you feel...guilty!

"Who Painted The Moon Black?": "How can someone so young sing this wonderful song and convey, so knowingly, the sentiment written. Now I know acting is not just by visual means!

"River of Dreams": Restores the sparkle in any tired old soul's eyes.

"Benedictus": Classical praise at the highest level! (cadence-clarity-cheerfull)

"Hine E Hine": Even without translation the sentiment and respect come
through here.

"Dark Waltz": Without assistance, prayers seem to be answered, or made, during this song.

"Amazing Grace": Truly scrumptious version of this standard. "Little drummer boy mix."

"My Heart And I": "Lights , curtain - applause - orchestra!" Big stage
performance feel captured.

"In Trutina": Mature beyond her years again with her delivery and
meaningful vocal expression.

"Heaven": Stops me asking questions and just getting on with it,
light = tunnels end!

"Wuthering Heights": Aunty Kate Bush, I am sure, is proud of Hayley's version... now about the Ballet lessons and choreography. Tears and cheers from this old romantic Hippy/Surfee!

Bonus track Aus. "Pokarekare Ana" - Duet with Russell Watson: A celebration of people united towards excellence and real praise for all that is good!

So there it is! Pure seen through the ears of a 45yr old who loves his top 20 and Hip Hop/Jazz and electric music. Thank you St. Andrews Cathedral School for allowing me to learn about praise from music and good accoustics. I have taken a while and listened to this CD in all sorts of moods, with and without company and can only say "what a miracle!" Thank you to Hayley and her family, and to those who have recognised and now contributed to ensuring that talented youth are allowed to explore and develop their own sound within classical and contempory confines.

Luv and a huge smile ...Paul Notary

P.S.: At last the first "Pure" commercial I have seen on TV! 24th July 1.45pm ch7 Sydney..Looking Good!
Now to get all of it for Keith...lol missed first 6 seconds and tape on long play...#amn! :D!


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