How I came to buy Pure.. and more

It is a strange little story that led me to her CD Pure. I'd never heard of her, but a subliminal message came from a snippet on TV when I thought what a seriously competent singer & an unusual voice, then I saw the CD in town and wondered can this one sing, for a change ?

It was when Doreen nudged me at the TV ad again that I realised & I rushed into town & got it. Good job I was on my own that afternoon because by the time I reached the second part of HINE E HINE I was in tears. Then I just stood transfixed, in mute disbelief playing the whole CD over & over. I phoned my best friends and made them order it. I automatically bought another for my friends Ambar & Monali (from India) & gave it to Ambar at the Bank where I work. Ambar couldn't believe his luck Because he'd wanted it but hadn't yet obtained it. That evening they played it over & over, and Ambar bumped sleepily out of bed the next morning and gave himself another "fix" before he came into work ! We actually reserved a meeting room & discussed our concerns that the sharks out there wouldn't be allowed to tear her to pieces or seduce her down the wrong career path or image, perhaps causing her career to falter. On seeing the family photos I can sense there is no fear of such things happening - this is a strong, cohesive family.

The story continues: I found out about her other albums & managed to get the "Hayley Westenra" one imported. What can I say, words fail me. There quite simply IS a Paradise out there & this is a strong hint to us all. The Ave Maria (Bach) is simply stratospheric & I play it over and over. What a wonderful voice - round, so full of soul and those incredible, goose-bumping, tear-inducing high notes. I am accustomed to classical singers being screechy, fruity and a bit much to take. Hayley has all the force of a great artist but with a magic and NICENESS that has incredibly wide appeal. She is a tremendously exciting, fresh new artist and I'm itching to know what she'll be recording next. I ought to be receiving my "Gift to you" CD (import)quite soon also.

My big passion among singers used to be Roy Orbison starting in the 1960s & it serves me right that I recently stated to the Universe "There is no female counterpart, not with such soul". I got a batch of Hayley-induced tears for my remarks. There have been others of note - the Welsh girl Mary Hopkin, for example but as I said to Ambar "I haven't heard anything like this in 30 years". He phoned his father in India & told him all about it.

I wonder could you pass the attached to Hayley as (i) a possible foundation for a song or not as the case might be (ii) an expression of appreciation from our group here - I wrote it years ago to test my own powers of expression, & yes it was hard to do & is just sitting on my laptop. Ambar really likes it so it must be OK. If Hayley likes it please tell her any silly "Copyright" is hers. Otherwise no matter. I did e-mail it to her friend Krissi via her website & asked her to pass it on but things do get lost in the ether out there !

Many thanks for replying in the first place. Christmas is coming up, I have my wine & Hayley CDs, Now then, what wine goes best with Hayley's voice ....


Lewis Kelday

Lewis couldn't find a picture of himself, or Doreen, so we'll just have to let his pal Kerry do the talking for the moment! Yes, that's Kerry up at the top right of this page. Woof-woof.



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