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KATHERINE JenkinsGareth Bicknell Daily Post

NEW Welsh diva Katherine Jenkins talks to Gareth Bicknell about her new tour

ON a rare day off, Katherine Jenkins is enjoying a bit of "me time" after a hectic year which has seen the stunning mezzo soprano take the singing world by storm.

"I'm at home, catching up on sleep, getting the house together and preparing to leave again," she says, but there is no hint of fatigue in her voice, despite the fact she has just recorded her debut album Premiere after touring the Far East and Australia, and is about to hit the road with rising star, Hayley Westenra.

In fact, she is as cheerful in voice as she is beautiful in the flesh, the phone line crackling with her enthusiasm and joie de vivre, as she talks about her favourite artists, her recent appearance in Channel Four's The Salon and the possibility of victory over England for her beloved Welsh rugby team.

"The English are very difficult to beat right now, but the Irish proved it can be done and no-one should ever underestimate the boys in red," says the girl-next-door from Neath, her accent lilting gently.

Katherine, 23, achieved a dream when she sang Bread of Heaven in front of 72,000 fans at a packed Millennium Stadium before Wales warmed up for last year's World Cup with a "friendly" against England. She travelled with squad as the team's official mascot, performing in the Far East en route to an appearance at the Sydney Opera House - which she describes as an "amazing" experience.

The former model, who famously shattered a chandelier as she reached the high note in O Holy Night, is set to be the darling of the classical and opera world when her new album is released on April 19, but as she takes advantage of the all-too-uncommon chance for a bit of relaxation and recuperation, she admits is more likely to be listening to Christina Aguilera than to preview CDs of her debut record.

"I really love what Christina Aguilera's doing. I really respect her, as well as people like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

"I listen to any type of music to relax," she says. "I do love classical music, but to listen to myself when I've been working all day, that would be weird. I'm very critical of myself, so it wouldn't be relaxing at all."

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