Friday, 19 March, 2004, 13:50 GMT_

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We've got some top guests coming into Xchange, so send in your questions.

On Monday 22nd March, we've got Spencer Breslin, star of the forthcoming smash hit film, The Cat in the Hat! He'll be in to answer all your questions!

We'll also be welcoming Hayley Westenra to the show on Tuesday. She's a classical singer and has been described as a New Zealand version of Charlotte Church, so tune on Tuesday to see her perform on the show!

We've got reptile expert, Rob Pilley, on the show on Wednesday. He'll be in to talk about the new BBC1 series, Dragon's Alive - he's even going to bring in some of the scaly little fellas - so get your questions in for him!

On Thursday, Bay Garnet, stylist and bargain hunter, will be popping into the studio for a special fashion feature! She'll have tons of advice on what to look out for in order to find some real fashion must haves from second-hand shops near you!

And don't forget, Lawro, Xchange's very own footie pundit is awaiting your letters on any football queries so send your questions in to him!

Whatever your question is, get in touch and you may get to chat to your favourite star live on air!

If you want to be seen on TV, get an X-head.


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CBBC is on:

Channel 30 - Freeview
Channel 616 - Sky digital
Channel 701 - Telewest
Channel 598 or 67 - NTL cable

Xchange is listed in TV guide as a 30 minute programme.To beshown on March 23rd at 07:30 (new), 13:00 (repeat of 07:30) and 17:30 (new)

Dave will be recording all three Xchange programmes on that day - just in case! If Hayley does indeed appear, he will capture and digitise her slot. HWI will then make it available as soon as possible after receipt.


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