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Hayley's April/May Newsletter

29th April 2004:
FROM: Hayley Westenra
LOCATION: airborne (somewhere above Minneapolis!)
SUBJECT: Diary - February-April 2004

Hey everyone!!

How's things going? At the moment I'm on a plane, from Minneapolis to San Francisco (via Denver), mindlessly munching away on a bag of "aeroplane" overly salty pretzels (it's amazing what you'll eat when you're hungry!). I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to write, it's been pretty busy lately! Gosh, where should I start…

Well, let's go right back to 16 February, Dunedin, the very first concert of 'The Pure Tour'.

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I have to admit, I was pretty nervous that night, because even though we'd rehearsed the show, I knew that anything could happen once we were out on stage! It was so nice though having Sophie and Isaac (my sister and brother) up on stage with me and my other guest artist, Brandon Pou was a fantastic duet partner!

What a great feeling it was, walking off stage at the end, with the audience's applause ringing in my ears…we did it! It wasn't perfect, but it was a pretty good first night in my opinion! Whew!! 1 show down, 20 more to go…!!!

The curtain call
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My next two shows were in my home town, Christchurch, and everyone was coming…my family, friends, teachers (including Dame Malvina Major!) and everyone in between! I remember being up on stage and thinking, "this is crazy, It wasn't that long ago when I was out busking on the streets of Christchurch and now, here I am with 2 sellout shows at the Town Hall". I couldn't believe it!

Anyway…the tour went on; through Wellington, New Plymouth, Hamilton and finally, Auckland. Oh, and amongst all that, I was presented with a 10x platinum award from Helen Clark, our Prime minister -what an honour.

Meeting the Prime Minister
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We then traveled to Australia and I performed at the Melbourne Concert Hall and the Sydney Opera House. It was actually my second time performing at the Sydney Opera House; the first time I was there was with Russell Watson a couple of years ago, but having my own show there was a completely different experience…it was so exciting.

My next stop was Japan. We had a show in Tokyo, which I really enjoyed and then we took the bullet train to Osaka and had another great show.

I love Japan; it's so different from New Zealand, which makes it such an exciting country to visit and the people there are so lovely. The only sad part of it was that I had say goodbye to my fantastic Christchurch-based band who had traveled with me up until then…a big thanks goes out to them!!

The show then went on to the UK and I had a fantastic time traveling around and performing in front of some really warm and receptive audiences. I also had the pleasure of meeting many of you afterwards! During the tour I actually had the opportunity to perform the Welsh National Anthem at the Wales vs. Italy Rugby match with my UK guest artist Katherine Jenkins, which I literally had a day to learn! I also sang Pokarekare Ana for Steve Hansen, the kiwi Welsh National Rugby team coach, as it was his last match before going back to New Zealand to coach the All Blacks.

Whew…so now I'm here in the US having a fabulous time. One of the highlights was performing on Good Morning America, which was quite an experience. I had to get up very, very early, 4am actually, and I was doing a sound check at 5.30am…I don't even get up that early, let alone sing!….but I managed to stay awake long enough to get through it and thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!

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I'm now doing a Radio Disney tour throughout the US. I'm visiting a school in each city and performing a few songs for them, then answering their questions. I'm really enjoying introducing children to a style of music they may have not been exposed to before and I hope I will also inspire some of them to work hard at what they enjoy and pursue their dreams.

I better go, hope this brings you up to date with everything!! Thanks so much for all your support!!

Love Hayley xxx <<< Sign up here for your very own copy of the HW newsletter


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