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Platinum with her latest album the lovely Hayley deserves the accolade.

From busking in the streets this is what being an Achiever is all about.

Of course you have to have that voice !

My fav tracks on this album well 

Pokaretkare Ana gives me goosebumps..

My Heart and I ... yes like !

In fairness though this album echoes one of the biggest problems in the music industry at the moment, on others less deserving clogging the chart space... bought for the looks of the artiste, the boy bands or the girly band image mass produced fodder for the like minded... this contradicts, I'm not saying Hayley is not a very attractive young lady but quintesentially you buy this for the voice... yes the lyrics are there and you can't fault the music albeit 90% what I call orchestrated, but worth listening to, which again something I can't say for some albums !
but most of all that voice.... I can't say it appealed to me listening to it in the car, though drivetime I do get to try and chill its too adrenalin pushing with its tones for that, but put it on the system at home and you can work quite happily listening to that voice ! You will stop on occasion to take in the ripple effect of that powerful voice as it rolls off the notes with ease.... catch your breath !
Longterm I think Hayley has more to give, different genres perhaps will generate some more exciting and explosive results and I sincerely hope Hayley doesn't just stick with 'orchestrated music but does explore other options including classical guitar etc, which does lead me into one of the tracks not mentioned Beat of your Heart... an almost Gypsy like ballad with a touch of flamenco ... lingering to flavour the song it left me wanting more of this type of song... it definately fitted in well with Hayley's voice.... but enough go take a listen yourselves... money worth spending in this case don't ask silly questions go and buy it... put it with your Britney Spears you will play it !

New Zealand's most charming and talented international artist Hayley Westenra has sold over one million copies worldwide of her album 'Pure'.

From busking in the streets of Christchurch - to recording her first New Zealand quadruple platinum album only two years ago - to International Stardom with her debut international album 'Pure' - Hayley has climbed the ladder quickly

'Pure' has been a tremendous success for Hayley, the album is already 9 times platinum in New Zealand and was the #1 album for Christmas in the New Zealand Top 50 Chart. 'Pure' has also broken the record for the number of weeks a NZ album has been #1 in the New Zealand Top 50 Chart (15 weeks so far).

Hayley has a gold album in Australia with 'Pure,' has just completed extensive promotion in Japan and Asia; and will be travelling to the USA at the end of January for advance promotion (including a showcase in New York's Times Square on the 27th January) for the US album release on the 6th April 2004.
Hayley performed with tenor superstar Jose Carreras at London's Royal Albert Hall last Wednesday and got a special surprise! Jose presented Hayley with her official Platinum Sales award for stupendous sales of Pure in the UK!

March 2004 venue details

Saturday 20th - Northampton, Derngate Theatre
Sunday 21st - Llandudno, North Wales Theatre
Wednesday 24th - Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
Thursday 25th - Bradford, St Georgeís Hall
Sunday 28th - Cardiff, St Davidís Hall
Monday 29th - London, The Palladium
Wednesday 31st - Eastbourne, Congress Theatre

On tour with Hayley the lovely Catherine Jenkins.

April 2004

Thursday 1st - Bournemouth, Pavillion
Tickets for all dates are available at Way Ahead box office
and also at

We're doing our best to get the feature in line just for March of Hayley with a more indepth look at the young lady and to find about the Hayley off stage aswell as on stage keep your eyes here !

Updated : August 1, 2004 12:27

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