By Roger Mansbridge
Review Date: 2nd April 2004_

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Wednesday 31st March & Thursday 1st April 2004


.And still it gets better. There was something about the Eastbourne Concert that somehow made it the best one yet. It mayhave been the particularly spacious auditorium with comfortable seats and plenty of legroom. It may have been the acoustics (which were noticeably better than those at Cardiff) or it may have been Hayley. She certainly appeared more relaxed right from the start.

Once the initial applause to greet her had died down and she began to sing Pokarekare Ana, it immediately broke out again in recognition of the song that is now accepted as "hers". This is the first time that this had happened to Hayley in all the times that I have seen her (8 in all). I knew from that moment that this was going to be an exceptionally appreciative audience. Maybe this helped Hayley to give her finest performance yet.

The whole evening was utterly sublime. I was totally lost in admiration for Hayley and for all the performers and I was never more thankful to know that there was still one more concert to come when I could lose myself one more time.

That last concert, which began exactly twenty-four hours ago, filled me with a mixture of heavenly delight at just being there and overwhelming sadness in the knowledge that this would be the last time I would be able to see Hayley for some time.

The tour contained some truly magical moments which were deliberately not mentioned in these brief reports. All will be revealed in a full review which should follow in a few days.

Roger Mansbridge


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