Pure Winter Tour 2004 - Part 2 - Hayley in Cardiff

Showdate: Saturday, November 13th 2004

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Hayley Westenra
Hayley in Cardiff

13th November, 2004

WINTER TOUR 2004 - Part 2


Tonight we were treated to a performance even better than the previous night’s. If it was possible, Hayley and managed to step her performance up a notch. She had no problems with ‘Amazing Grace’ tonight and then entire concert was wonderful. (For a full review, see Birmingham).

This time it had been announced that Hayley would be signing after the concert, and the result was a couple of hundred people queuing to make the most of this opportunity. Whilst this went on, we all stood around talking and generally getting to know each other. ‘We’ being various members of HWI from around the globe, Holly Holyoake and her lovely parents, myself, supporters of Hayley from the wonderful yahoo group and Hayley’s dad Gerald. There were about 15 or so in all and it was a great opportunity for us all to really talk, as some of us hadn’t met before.

It was during this time that I was fortunate enough to talk to Fiona. I had been keeping an eye open for her at Birmingham but hadn’t seen her, so I was really pleased to see her appear in the foyer. I told her about how I wanted to dance along and she seemed to think this was a good idea!! I also mentioned that I thought she was absolutely amazing and how much I enjoyed her performance. She seemed absolutely lovely and I am so happy that I got the chance to have a word, however brief.

After the queue eventually subsided, we finally had our chance to talk to Hayley. There were photos being taken and things being signed all over the place. I did apologise as I was aware of how much signing she had done that evening, but Hayley laughed and said that after all the writing for her exams this was nothing!! Steve Abbot (Hayley’s manager) was kind enough to take some photos for us and he joined in the conversations going on.

I drifted away after that and let some others talk to Hayley. I had just got into conversation with Trixie Holyoake when I heard Roger calling me. I didn’t really know what was going on but I decided to see what the fuss was about anyway. Excusing myself from Trixie, I asked Roger “What?” “It’s about to happen!!” he exclaimed. Without further ado I ran across the foyer and grabbed my camera. At the very moment I arrived back at the group, Hayley and Holly began singing a truly astounding a-cappella rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ (Bach-Gounod). Considering that Hayley had been in the St David’s Hall for hours rehearsing, having sound checks etc and then performing, and then signing countless numbers of programmes and that Holly sang without a warm up, I was absolutely amazed. It was a magnificent moment and one that resulted in Holly singing in Llandudno on stage with Hayley a few days later (for full details see Roger’s review or Llandudno and the news article that was in the Daily Post). Hayley’s reaction to Holly’s voice was one of true admiration and completely natural. That moment will be one I treasure and I am so glad to have been a witness of the first ever duet between Hayley Westenra and Holly Holyoake.

It was wonderful to see Hayley again and I'm really pleased that I had a chance to (finally) have a conversation with Gerald. Meeting Holly was positively amazing too and from us meeting on Saturday, thanks to Lewis, Holly and I went shopping together on Sunday. Thank you Lewis! Thank you Roger for everything over the weekend. Everyone else, it was wonderful to meet you and I hope that it is a meeting to be repeated at some point in the not too distant future.

Kirsty Heard
14th November, 2004

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