Donnerstag, 10. März 2005_

Thursday, 10th March 2005_

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A fairytale from New Zealand

The gifted classicpop-wonder child Hayley Westenra floating through Germany now


BERLIN, 9 March.

In the movie "Vanilla Sky" there is a scene in that Penelope Cruz at a party is staying amazed in front of an hologram of John Coltrane. During the god of jazz – in the center of his guests - is immersed in his jazz improvisation, she is take throught him, at first timid fascinated, then amused, finally divided this illusion by karate chops high-spirited.

Something similar could everybody take in his living room now. On normally CDs there is a musical hologram named Hayley Westenra, which could be bought, in example by the name “Pure”. And you can be sure that you never got such experience before. After pressing the play key, at the digital music engine, this Hayley is standing in the room suddenly and inevitable. At least her voice.

She simply defies every description.

You can walk around her voice, you can see this, can touch this and maybe dancing during ghost hour by a wild romance old Kate-Bush-Song. But stop, the voice is minority! 17 years is Hayley Westenra still, one and a half million CDs she sold till now. So “pure” as the title of her CD promised, is the voice of this singer, so she defies every rewrited description. The bell which is ringing so clear and transparent must be wroughted yet. The mountain stream, which is splashed so even so fresh and clear, is not flowing at our planet.

Highest at the end or beginning of the world. In New Zealand perhaps. There in the east coast city Christchurch, there a jewelry trader named Gerald Westenra is living. One day he become aware his daughter is an extraordinary twinkle diamond, especially her music teacher was diagnosing at her an absolute ear and an angels voice.

When she was 6 the daughter got lessons in piano, violin and block flute and was starting to foresee that the most valuable instrument she is by herself. The growing up child started to find a valve for her boil over talent. Together with her sisters she was busking. Through this she got enough money so that Hayley could produce her own Demo-CD.

This CD came at the Universal company to the right ears. – for this the sweet star hymn of the 13 year old – and pretty girl – sounds like a melody of Dollar bills.

After 2 nice successful CDs for these she got gold and platinum, the marketing dream became complete true by “Pure”, the Westenra´s classic pop became a global phenonemon.

Purists have eventually less pleasure. Emotional till the Enya-boarder directed by Giles Martin, the son of the Beatles producer George Martin, is Haylay singing what she enjoy. Maori traditional, pop songs, musical ballades, church chorals, additional Orff or Vivaldi and then Kate Bush. Sometimes all of this in one song. All that is an heavy endurable kitsch. And it glaring contradicts this pleasant uncapricious personality of this wildly acclaimed little lady.

A bodyguard under the organ

At her actual German tour, at which Hayley Westenra is performing near by exclusive in churches, all this is some tones more lightly, concentrated of one pianist and one violist and some flicker candelabras. And a marvelous wrathful bodyguard under the organ pipes.

In the house of god there are – not in the same way as in the studio – no lies. But don’t be afraid, there are no lies to reveal. The vocal cords, which are cooled and sponsored by volvic-sparkling water must not stretch or pull itself at any time.

There are news to listen: Hayley, a great fan of saint of all sirens Joni Mitchell, is singing “Both Side Now”. But there is the teenager missing, in spite the perfect singing, at class and refinement. On the other hand especially she streams the “Ave Maria” ethereal in the room, so that the most convinced atheist in the audience is stong brooding immediately.

Hayley Westenra is overwhilming at this Thursday in Berlin, at Kreuzberg’s Passionskirche.

Article translated by Lothar Jurk from Berlin

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