...Dame Malvina Major supports Hayley wholeheartedly.

From: "Lindsay"
Date: Thu Sep 6, 2001 9:39 am
Subject: Fw: Hi Lindsay!!


Hi all Hayley fans,

This is part of a message I received from Hayley’s mum, Jill, that has very interesting information that I would like to share with you all:

...Dame Malvina Major supports Hayley wholeheartedly.  I think Dame Malvina will be pleased to find out that Costa (president of Decca) is such a good person because there is always the fear of exploitation when it comes to record companies.  There is nothing official to report, as at the moment Costa is organizing and planning how to promote Hayley throughout the world.

Currently, there are people working on new repertoire for a second album, which will be released in New Zealand first, and then throughout the world.  It is most likely that this second album will be the first album for the rest of the world and they are looking very carefully at the content, as they want it to appeal to all the different countries. We will keep you posted as soon as anything is confirmed as at the moment everything is at the ideas stage.  I also mentioned that with so much time delay that Hayley would be so much older when she is released internationally but Costa said he didn't care about that as they are looking at her having a long-term career and it's her voice they are interested in, not her age!  That's a big vote of confidence.  By the way, Costa is the man who signed up Andre Bocelli and Russell Watson - who has had a lot of success overseas but has only just been released in New Zealand ...

Remember you heard it here first :)


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