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Saturday, November 13th, 2004_

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First 32 images © 2004 Savage Design & HWI
Above left and right, the show flyer and centre, the publicity board before the show
Above and below, Hayley opened the show in a shimmering brown dress
Hayley concludes the first part of the show
Having been introduced by Hayley, Greece's Mario Frangoulis took center stage for three songs
Hayley reappeared in a stunning white dress to sing more of her favourite songs
Band Leader Fiona Pears, from Hayley's hometown of Christchurch, performed three pieces while Hayley changed dresses for the final segment of the show.
This time she appeared in yet another lovely dress, this time red with gold and silver bands... She looked absolutely stunning.
The end of the show drew near as Hayley left the stage once more.
Encore was called and Mario joined Hayley in duet.
The audience, obviously pleased, applauded longer and louder as the finalé progressed.
Amidst great applause, and after three encores, Hayley left the stage for the last time.
Fiona signs for an eager fan
And then poses for HWI
Kirsty smiles with Shirley
Shirley gets a happy hug
5 Images below by Roger Mansbridge and Steve Abbott. © 2004 Roger Mansbridge & HWI
Left and right: Roger poses, all smiles, with Hayley, and then with both Kirsty and Hayley together. These images were kindly taken by Steve Abbott, Hayley's Manager.
The remaining three (below) were taken by Roger himself
Finally came a most pleasant surprise as Hayley, having been asked by Keith if she would consider performing a duet with Holly, agreed without hesitation. You can view the result below... Bravo Hayley, bravo Holly. Thank you both for a wonderful finish to a marvelous night.

Watch Hayley and Holly's Cardiff a-capella duet here

5.65MB - 2 Mins 11Secs
Watch it now with Broadband or right-click and download for offline viewing if you're on a slow connection such as a modem or ISDN

All images below ©2004 Kirsty Heard and HWI
Mario Frangoulis
Band Leader Fiona Pears
Chris, Shirley and Holly
Hayley and Holly
Hayley poses with Holly
All three girls together
Hayley poses with Simon
Kirsty, Roger and Hayley pose happily together
Hayley poses with Keith
Trixie (Holly's mum), with Shirley, Holly and Simon

Shirley, Holly and Kirsty

Hayley in duet with Holly


Images thanks to Steve Abbott, Roger Mansbridge, Keith S and Savage Design
Copyright 2004 - Respective photographers and HWI


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