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HWI are proud to offer their on-going support to Miss Hayley Westenra in her role as youngest Guest Ambassador for Unicef NZ.


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In Ghanaís capital of Accra, Hayley Westenra met with teenage girls employed as porters and saw their working and living conditions.

To gift your valued donation today, clicking on any of the UNICEF links will take you to the New Zealand UNICEF website. Once there, you will be able to access their secure server payment facility direct. No matter how big, no matter how small, every single donation helps UNICEF NZ continue in its ongoing fight against the poverty, exploitation, poor health and lack of education that still affects far too many children in our "modern" world.

It is not considered as important for girls - who have household chores to do before they can even set out for school - to receive a proper education,

This sad state of affairs is still far too prevalent in many countries.

A warm thank you from everyone here at HWI, and on behalf of UNICEF NZ.

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A Video Request from Hayley
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