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Christmas comes early to Norwich

NorwichCathedralChristmas is coming early to Norwich this year. On November 29 to be precise, when TV broadcaster ITV1 will be recording its Christmas Eve Service at Norwich’s Anglican Cathedral.

Organisers are appealing for worshippers to fill the Cathedral for the occasion and on the following evening when a Peace Service will also be recorded for transmission at a later date.

Researcher Elli Metcalfe said: “'This is an ecumenical service that will include all communities of Christian worship and everyone is welcome. As I'm sure you are aware, Norwich Cathedral is very large and it will take a lot of people to fill it, but we are sure that there are enough worshippers in Norfolk to fill it ten times over for what promises to be two great evenings of worship.

The Christmas Eve Service will feature The Right Reverend Graham James, The Bishop of Norwich and The Very Reverend Graham Smith with special appearances by Katherine Jenkins, Hayley Westenra and The Choirboys. It will be recorded from 7.30 to 10.30pm on Tuesday November 29.

The following evening a Peace Service will be recorded from 8pm. Both services will be broadcast on ITV1.

Tickets for both services are free but should be booked in advance as soon as possible from Elli Metcalfe on 0161 827503 elly.metcalfe@granadamedia.com or on the ticket line tel: 0161 827 2218. Complimentary coach travel is available for groups of 30 or more.

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