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Site guidelines and legal disclaimers
HWI Intentions

Hayley-Westenra-International.com is an independent online voice for the growing number of Hayley Westenra fans around the world.  Sited in the United Kingdom, we are not affiliated with HayleyWestenra.com, or any other fansite dedicated to this artist. We seek no financial reward from; but do welcome any and all genuine pictures, screen-shots, magazine scans, artwork, music or video-files, articles and reviews from our viewers, in order to better serve Hayley's ever-growing on-line community.

Legal Disclaimer: Affiliations

Hayley-Westenra-International.com is not in any way affiliated with DECCA Records, nor her promotion company, either in New Zealand, the UK or elsewhere.  Neither Hayley-Westenra-International.com nor any of its members are paid employees of DECCA or any other party that has an interest in Hayley Westenra regarding sponsorships.

Hayley-Westenra-International.com is not officially associated with any member of the Westenra family, nor with any member of her recording company.

On-Site Content

We acknowledge that most of our content - especially in direct relation to Hayley Westenra - comes from alternative sources. We assure you that we are making no gain from the display of these items, apart from visits to this site. All articles, pictures or other on-site items are made available for the purpose of discussion, they are not provided for download or intended for commercial use or personal gain. If you are the legitimate owner of any item or article featured herein and would like further credit or acknowledgment to be given, please e-mail us. We realise and acknowledge that much of our future content may be gleaned from such alternative sources. Wherever and whenever this occurs we will do our utmost to ensure credit is attributed to the original owner or provider of said content. If any such content, displayed on these pages, is your sole property and you would like it removed, simply e-mail us and we will concur. Simply put, if there is anything at all within these pages that is rightfully yours and you are at all unhappy about it, please let us know before pressing charges, or yet worse! We constantly strive to avoid conflict and will never knowingly take credit for another person's work or property. Any reference to commercial multimedia is - wherever possible - linked directly back to the site owning that content unless otherwise stated on the holding page. Reports by e-mail of dead or broken links will be appreciated; advising date, time of occurrence and URL, plus name and/or description of the page on which the apparent fault was generated. Reports will be followed up - in all cases - and your message acknowledged, with thanks, as soon as possible.

Off-Site Content

We shall not be held liable, nor should we be perceived as accountable for the content of any external site or sites, to which we offer a link. Sites which are proven to contravene the rules of public decency and/or the specific guidelines set out on this page and/or any other page within this site will find such links swiftly removed. Please also see inappropriate links.

Intellectual Rights

We in no way wish to infringe the intellectual rights of any individual or individuals, and authorship, where known, is acknowledged throughout this site. If you are the owner or author of any picture, article, audio or video file reproduced within these pages and wish your name or website to be credited, please e-mail us with details and proof of ownership. Please mention the page or pages on which the item appears. We will comply by the next scheduled update, or within one week if less. All images contained within these pages - unless otherwise stated - is copyright SAVAGE DESIGN and Hayley-Westenra-International.com but is freely available for use on noncommercial sites provided an e-mail is sent requesting it's use, with the URL of the page on which it is to be displayed. No image or images is/are to be used on "unsuitable" pages. By unsuitable we mean pages containing inflammatory or derogatory remarks, sites promoting racial or any other antisocial discrimination or pages that would not meet the criteria for universally accepted viewing. Permission from HWI Admin must be received before any such item may displayed elsewhere and due attribution/source must be prominently displayed in close proximity to any image or on the same page if other than an image. We support the concept of "free usage", but fully expect to see due credit where credit is due.


Hayley-Westenra-International.com has never supported or condoned piracy and shall not under any circumstances supply copied material by email or by any other method including MP3 file transmission. We gather information from various sources, serving fans worldwide with information and on-site multimedia for promotional purposes and discussion only. We neither seek nor gain financial reward in our declared aim of promoting and helping further public awareness of Miss Hayley Westenra's unique vocal talent.

Furthermore Hayley-Westenra-International.com does not condone the unauthorised reproduction of any commercially available pre-recorded material for any means whatsoever other than backup and private personal use in accordance with International Copyright Law.

Linking to us

We are happy for you to place our official site logo on your pages, provided the site on which you display that logo meets the guidelines herein displayed, and the universally accepted criteria for family accessible sites catering to all age-ranges. We request that you place a visible link to this site or use a hyperlink with our URL embedded in the logo which will open a new page for the convenience of your visitors. Links to Hayley-Westenra-International pages must not be retained within frames, nor will we tolerate "deep-linking" of content. Images displayed on other sites must be held on that site's server and credited back to the originating site. If your site theme reflects our aims and content we may be willing to offer a reciprocal link to your pages. Please send a request to HWI Admin if you would like this done. All requests will be dealt with promptly, and your e-mail replied to shortly after your site has been visited

Inappropriate Links

Though all sites are thoroughly checked before a link is placed, we cannot be held responsible for external content in poor or bad taste, displayed on any external site mentioned within our links page. We do not condone - nor will we accept - violence, discrimination (social, racial or otherwise), exploitation, abuse or pornography or any other thing which might potentially bring discredit upon this and/or its affiliated sites, and/or Hayley Westenra and/or the DECCA company worldwide. If you discover any unlawful or potentially harmful content on any site to which we have provided a link, please NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY and we will (having first confirmed the facts by our own private and independent checks) remove that link promptly and without hesitation. There will be NO redress. Site owners in breach of these guidelines will be required to remove without hesitation any image or images taken from any or all Hayley-Westenra-International pages. Continued or continual abuse of these guidelines may result in our seeking legal redress.

Broken Links

It is always possible an apparently broken link may be due to net congestion, ISP downtime or other causes beyond our control. Please recheck links that fail on at least two separate occasions. If a broken link originates from this site or the page(s) that the link points to has/have been removed or relocated elsewhere we would appreciate an e-mail informing us. Changes or alterations will be reflected in the next update, or within one week if less. Alternatively, please use the Feedback Form located at the foot of all pages.

Suggestions, Questions and Submissions

If you have any other questions about, or suggestions for, this site or if you have an item of music, literary or graphics artwork focused on Hayley that you would like to contribute, please e-mail HWI. with full details. All contributions will be gratefully accepted for consideration and, if suitable, posted within these pages by the next update (usually within one week of acceptance). All submissions will be acknowledged promptly and credit given where required. Any items not in electronic form will be returned to the sender after consideration and/or reproduction, using insured post where merited.


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