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April 6th 2004
"Pure" - Canadian and American Edition (scans available)
../../albumslyrics+singles/CD04_pure/Pure_Canadian+AmericanEdition/20040406_Canadian and American Pure - scans.html
"Pure" - Special (Christmas) International Edition
Album 4a - 2003
"Pure" - Special Edition for Australia and New Zealand
Album 4 - 2003
"Pure" - Hayley's first International release
Album 3 - 2002
"My Gift to You"
Album 2 - 2001
"Hayley Westenra" (updated August 13, 2006)
Album 1 - 2000
"Walking in the air" - Cut for friends and family - not on general release (updated August 12, 2006)
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The following is a brief review of Hayley Westenra's very first CD. The review is from September 2000, and quite possibly the first review of a Hayley Westenra CD ever published. "Walking in the Air" was issued on private label. The review was found on the website of the Christchurch (NZ) Library.



Music News
Walking in the Air Hayley Westenra

CD01Hayley Westenra is tipped to become New Zealand's answer to Charlotte Church, and once you listen to this CD you'll understand why.

Thirteen tracks, a mixture of familiar show and modern songs sung in such a clear, sweet soprano from someone who has only just turned 13 years old! Hayley is in year 9 at Burnside High

School, plays the violin and piano, performs ballet, composes her own songs and has recently taken up rock-climbing, so finding the time and energy to produce a CD is impressive to say the least. Early successes with KidsFest talent quests and busking around Christchurch shopping malls has most definitely paid off.

This announcement appeared in the 2000 press, recording that Hayley had released her first CD, "Walking in the Air", when she was just 12. It was issued on private label, and was one of the reasons why Universal offered a contract resulting in two more locally issued CD's, "Hayley Westenra" and "My Gift to You". A brief review of the CD follows further down the page.

Hayley's Making Tracks
by Guy Grant

Hayley Westenra has every reason to be walking on air - at 13 she has released her own CD.The Burnside High School third former recorded the songs for her album Walking in the Air earlier this year when she was 12.

The CD features tracks including "Memory", "Groovy Kind of Love" and "Eternal Flame", and was recorded in a local studio. Hayley, who has been singing in public since she was eight, said the idea of recording her own album came up after she performed in the city's millennium concert. What started out as five tracks to capture her young voice for posterity tuned into a complete CD which will be on sale to the public.

Hayley, who said the experience of making her own album had been a great one, is no stranger to performance. Many will know her from her participation in talent quests and her busking. In fact,orders for the album have been placed from people who were impressed with her street performances.

She said she had always been interested in the world of entertainment especially singing. Music is part of her studies at school and she hopes to pursue a career in the industry - but she also wants to have fun as a performer.Walking in the Air will be avalable from Sounds music stores

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