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SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAMSinger HAYLEY WESTENRA was forced to employ the former bodyguard of ex-SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM to protect her from a German stalker. The New Zealand-born Westenra resented having to ask for help but decided it was safer when the obsessed man started telling people he was in a relationship with her. She says, "I am quite put off having to have a bodyguard. "I had seen the German at several of my concerts round the world and might have smiled at him. "I thought he was a fan of my singing, but when he told the crew he was my boyfriend, they sensed something was wrong as he was about 40 and I'm only 18. "When he queued for my autograph they challenged him and he became abusive and violent. The police came and took him away and I believe he was deported. "At least the minder is a hunky man to have around."

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