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Hi everyone!

It's me again!! Just a quick tour update!

I'm in Manchester at the moment, just come off stage and catchingup on some emails! The crowd was wonderful and the venue -wow, that must have been the biggest arena on the tour -13,000 people in attendance tonight apparently! As you may know, I don't have my backing band with me on the European leg of this Il Divo tour, just a backing track (although hopefully I'll have a guitarist with me for the Wembley shows -we're rehearsing tomorrow), but I'm still having a ball up on stage!! I have to say, I do particularly like the arena shows. I think the crowds are always more relaxed in the big spacious environment and are much more likely to give theodd whistle and cheer -I can always handle a whistle! ;)

Manchester is the 11th show of the European tour. I can't believe how quickly we're getting through them! That's got to be a good sign! Having said that though, some days I just wake up really lacking inenergy and have to keep ploughing on. The wintry weather doesn't really help. I think the rain has been following us throughout the European dates! Please sun, show your beautiful face!!

Actually, the one time I do remember the sun shining was in Nottingham on Saturday 1 April, when I was asked to help lay the first slab of the New Market Square. What an honour that was!

Here's a pic of me all decked out in my hard cap and steel-capped boots for the ceremony (charming, huh?!):

I also sang 'Amazing Grace' from the balcony of the council house, overlooking the square afterwards.

Coming up, I have many more dates on the Il Divo tour -I have to admit,I'm very excited to be touring throughout continental Europe, including many countries I've never been to before -I'm also going to be attending the Classical Brit Awards which I'm flying back to London for (oh, go on...vote for 'Odyssey'...if you must!!). :

Well...I better leave it at that folks for today. Have to pack up my things and head back to the hotel so I can get some beauty sleep for my big day tomorrow (yes, I'm turning 19!)! It feels like only yesterday that I was turning 18 years old!! Take care,



Hayley has been nominated for "Album of The Year" at this year's Classical Brit Awards. We can help Hayley win by voting online. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.
Alternatively you can vote by phoning the Classic FM hotline at 09011 96 11 04 (each call costs 10p). You can vote by phone as many times as you like!


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