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Sensation Hayley says yes to date with choir
Hayley Westenra
A NORTH Wales male voice choir pulled off a showbiz coup by persuading international singing sensation Hayley Westenra to join them on stage.
The teenage Kiwi soprano performs with Maelgwn Male Voice Choir in Llandudno on June 25.
Hayley shot to stardom when just 16 singing alongside Bryn Terfel and Jose Carreras at the 2003 Faenol Festival.

The star, who turned 19 on Monday, took the music world by storm with her second album Odyssey.

She has been nominated for a medal in next month's Classical Brit awards.
Last night members of the choir - which won first prize at last year's National Eisteddfod - said the starlet was probably persuaded to join the choir on stage because of Wales' impressive male voice choir tradition.
Choir member Rhodri Hampson-Jones, of Trelogan, said: "It was the simplest thing. I went on Hayley's website and it had her management's e-mail address.
"So we e-mailed and asked if they could help us. Within a week it was all signed, sealed and delivered." Hayley said: "I'm thrilled to be coming to Wales, it's always special. There are so many amazing singers from there and I can't wait to sing with the choir. I sing a lot of Celtic songs so I feel a great affinity."
A spokesman for the singer, who is currently touring with all-male opera group Il Divo, added: "Hayley's really enjoyed singing alongside Il Divo and is equally excited to be singing with another group of talented guys in the Maelgwn Male Voice Choir."
The choir's musical director, Trystan Williams, revealed Hayley and the choir were hoping to perform Maori love song Po Kare Kare Ana at the North Wales Theatre.
Hayley performs the song in her concerts and it is a favourite of the Maelgwn choir.
Mr Williams, 27, of Deganwy, said: "The choir have been successful recently on the competition platform.

"We came first in the National Eisteddfod last year and came third in a national radio competition, but this is a completely different kettle of fish.

"Hayley is a such a well-known name."
He added: "It's an entirely different contrast to have a young soprano on stage with 65 men, but it should work well.
"We're hoping to sing Po Kare Kare Ana, a Maori love song from New Zealand, which we've been singing for two or three years."
Mr Williams said while some of opera's best-known singers had sung with the Maelgwn choir, it was a coup to get a household name like Hayley. "Hayley is what you'd call a popular classical singer," he said.
"Our annual concerts have been going for nearly 30 years and we've had some quite big operatic names, but perhaps lesser-known names for most people.
"But to have Hayley share a stage with us is something we're very excited about.
"It was a surprise at first. But her agent knows about the male voice choir tradition in Wales and I think they're glad to be a part of it."
Hayley became an instant classical world star when she was invited by Pantglas bass-baritone, Bryn Terfel, to perform at the 2003 Faenol Festival.
Her debut album Pure achieved double-platinum sales in the UK, and proved a hit all over the world.
Star's global appeal
. Hayley Westenra was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1987.
. She has performed in venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Royal Albert Hall. . Her debut album Pure, recorded when she was just 15, sold more than 2m copies worldwide.
. In New Zealand, Pure is the biggest selling home-grown album of all time.
. Her second album Odyssey, includes a cover of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now.

. Hayley used to busk with her siblings Sophie and Isaac.

. In November 2004 Hayley made 16-year-old Newport soprano Holly Hollyoake's dream come true when she invited the teenager singer sing with her at Llandudno's North Wales Theatre.


Source : IcNorthWales
Credits : Article located by Jon Vosloo
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