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Tasman Bay via Germany ?!?
Let's Go Walkabout! Part Two!!

Hayley Westenra
Tasman Bay Roses
Hayley Westenra Hybrid Tea

The sensational new Hybrid Tea named in honour of New Zealand singing star Hayley Westenra to raise funds for UNICEF.




Thanks to a very fast reply from George, in New Zealand, here's the latest update on this very lovely rose...

Hello Peter

Thank you for your email. The rose we market in New Zealand in support of UNICEF NZ's fund raising efforts in Africa was bred by the German rose company Rosen-Tantau. As a Master Agent/Rose introducer for Rosen-Tantau in NZ, we are able to promote their varieties using names which we feel suit our market - we were very fortunate to get the support of UNICEF NZ on this. The rose we are selling as Hayley Westenra is being marketed in the UK as Rachel ( its international trademark name is tanguste) - this is because they received the variety before we did in New Zealand and the Master Agent in the UK decided to call the variety Rachel - it is the same rose.
If you make contact with Thomas Loffler, at Rosen-Tantau - email tantau@rosen-tantau.com he will be able to tell you where you might locate plants of Rachel - in time for the concert on 23 September.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Best wishes

George Pratt

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

At last the mystery unfurls.



Rachael 03

Worldwide name - Tangust. Created by Tantau in Germany.

In Germany this is "Augusta Luise".
In the United Kingdom this is "Rachel".
In New Zealand
(and shortly in Sloane Terrace and many other places thereafter methinks) this is "Hayley Westenra".

(Drew adds: "I graduated with Honours in Botany in 1972. I knew that it would have a use one day.")

Rachael - Drew 01Rachael - Drew 02

Wonderful large peach pink blooms with frilled edges to the petals. The blooms seem small at first but as they open they grow larger and larger, some reaching 15 cms across. Growth is bushy and vigorous, almost shrub like! Disease resistance is very good. Named for the Gardening presenter Rachel De Thame.
(This is the description from Apuldram.)

15 cms is a lot of buttonhole.
It is classified as VF (Very Fragrant).
Known as Rachael in some countries, this is none-the-less the same rose-stock. It is also available from Germany - details follow:

Dear ,

sure we send bare rooted rose plants to the UK too. The mailing costs are about 17.- (central like London) or 37.- EUR (rural places) (depending on your postcode and the weight of the parcel) with German Parcel. The rose plants costs between 3.20 to 9.50 EUR each. The season for bare root stocks is mid October to November and again in the spring from March to April. We have got about 250 other roses on sell, you find them on our homepage in the german part (Deutsch, Rosen-Shop). Sorry we can not use credit cards but you can transfer the money. For sending you the roses we need your postal address.

We ask kindly for payment by money bank transfer prior to the shipment, after the order confirmation.

With best regards,
Ms Ulrike Herbst

Phone: +49 4122 7084
Fax: +49 4122 7087
Internet: www.rosen-tantau.com
E-mail: tantau@rosen-tantau.com


simon smalley - savagedesign-UK
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