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Friday November 10, 2006
By Andy MacDonald

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited! I just got back from Dublin where I have been recording with the orchestra for my new album and they played more than beautifully. The music felt so right -it really hit the spot...for me anyway -you guys will have to wait and see!! Unfortunately I can't say much about the album at this stage, just that I hope you will like it! I think it should be coming out around the first quarter of next year, but the release date may differ slightly from country to country. I'll keep you posted.

Jumping back a few weeks, you may be interested to know that I was stationed in the land of red...otherwise known as Canada -Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to be precise. Being fall (or autumn, as we in New Zealand would say), the leaves of the maple trees had turned a brilliant red and the other tree species brought us through orange, yellow, green and the myriad of different shades in between. Cape Breton, being an island off the Mainland, is also surrounded by water (the Atlantic?) and is very much untouched, which made me think of home a little. Our surroundings couldn't have been more beautiful and I wish I could have stayed longer to drink it all in.

I was in Cape Breton to perform as a guest artist on Nathalie MacMaster's show, a sensational fiddler (for those of you who have yet to blinded by her music!) which was part of the annual 'Celtic Colours' music festival. Every year musicians from all over the world come to be a part of the festivities. Nathalie's show was the opening show and I was thrilled to be performing with not only Nathalie, but the fantastic Bela Fleck on his banjo, as well as the impressive Carlos Nunez making a guest appearance.

The following day we were invited along to a square dance taking place in what seemed like the middle of nowhere! We were driven for what seemed like miles down many dirt roads as the sky was growing darker and darker...where were they taking us?! It could have easily been a scene from a horror film -only fortunately it wasn't. We soon arrived at a well-lit hall which was soon filled with people dancing in pairs to the sound of lively celtic music. And guess what. Even I joined in the dancing, despite my feet having no clue as to what they were meant to be doing! So yes...I had a wonderful time in Cape Breton. I made some wonderful friends too.

Before I sign off, I'd like to draw my female and male friends' attention to a fantastic organisation called WEN -Women's Environmental Network - www.wen.org.uk . I really urge you to visit their website and be made aware of the serious health and environmental issues that we all must be well-informed on. These issues are from a female's perspective, but please don't let that put you men off, they affect us all. I just recently did an interview for their latest newsletter which gets sent out to all WEN members...please join up if you can!

Hope you're all well

Lots of love,
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