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A Review by Oksana

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I don't normally join forums or post opinions online, but I needed to tell people who actually know who Hayley is what a great show it was. I saw the Boston show on Feb 2nd. She was fantastic. I know people went to see Il Divo, but they were definitely impressed by her. She was not introduced by anyone. They did not have any signs up saying she was also performing and none of her merchandise was for sale.

She introduced herself after the first song and that was the only time you heard her name. I talked to people sitting around me during the intermission and they all wanted to know who she was. I told them about her, about her CD's and what her name is, so she now has some new fans who will be buying her CD's.

I brought paper and a pencil with me.

Here is the set list.

1. She Moves Through The Fair.
2. Never Saw Blue.
3. Amazing Grace.
4. The Mummer's Dance.
5. May It Be.
6. Both Sides Now.
7. From A Distance.
8. Pokarekare Ana.
9. You Are Water.

Someone help me with the last song. I'm think I have heard it before. I don't know the name. "You were water" was the phrase I remember being repeated.

Hayley had a very relaxed stage presence. She looked very comfortable and her outfit was very pretty. I had a great time and just sat there thinking 'WOW THAT WAS AWESOME' after every song. I wish I had known that the Wang Center was allowing photography. I was in the third row, last seat on the right. I would have been able to get some great pictures. Oh well, lesson learned. They were also allowing people to go up to the stage to give all the Il Divo performers flowers. If I had known this I would have brought her some.

Bye now.


source : hwi
credits : review by oksana
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