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Welcome back to "Bonnie Scotland" Hayley!
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Concert Review: Glasgow SECC Clyde Auditorium -April 6th 2006

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Hi All,

These photographs were taken after the Concert - it was very cold and windy outside! :o
The tartan sash which Hayley is wearing in the photographs has been woven in a unique tartan-Hayley's very own registered tartan, entitled: "Westenra of Christchurch NZ".


This tartan was designed to commemorate Hayley's visit to Scotland. :D It was woven in her honour... as a tribute to her outstanding singing gift and beautiful personality! :D

Here is the Registration Certificate:


"Westenra of Christchurch NZ"

Hayley you are legendary... You make us all SO Proud!

God Bless You

spacerHayley leaves with a smile

Concert Review: Glasgow SECC Clyde Auditorium
April 6th 2006
Hayley Westenra

Hayley arrived at the Clyde Auditorium just after 4.30pm and was whisked in for the "soundcheck". There were 4 "Il Divo Divas" standing outside waiting for "their boys" when I arrived... One of them was American and was talking about "cookies she had sent to the boys"! She mentioned that front row seats for the Concert had sold on eBay for £10,000! :o

I immediately made my way to the Box Office on the off chance of snatching the opportunity to buy a ticket. I was very fortunate indeed, as seat "H26" in the front stalls had been released in addition to one or two seats further back in the auditorium. I have a front row ticket for tonight's (Friday) Concert... seat "A11". ;D

At 7pm I made my way back to the auditorium and browsed through the merchandise on offer at the stand in the foyer. It was pre-dominantly 'Il Divo' items which were being promoted, but there were Hayley "fern leaf" T-Shirts available, although unfortunately only in small sizes - for the finer sex :'(
Copies of 'Odyssey' (New Edition) were also for sale- I bought one of these (which Hayley later signed for me) along with a Concert programme. :D

I weaved my way into the auditorium to find my seat whilst 'Rapture' by 'Blondie' played quietly over the P.A. Attendance looked full as I chatted to a few of the folks seated close by. 7.30pm... the Concert began. There were no announcements before the lights dimmed and the pipe introduction for 'She Moves through the Fair' filled the hall... This alone was dramatic!

Hayley slowly entered onto the stage in front of a light coloured backdrop amidst the hue of blue and green tinted spotlights. She was dressed in a dark green dress and silver high heels. I was captured by the fact this first piece sounds wonderfully stirring, when performed live- one feels somewhat patriotic! :D Throughout the set, Hayley was the only musician on the stage. In terms of the stage effects, these were simple but worked very well. I noticed that most pieces began with the projection of blue and green spotlights and as the songs proceeded, there were pink and red projections of light. The balance of colours seemed to portray the changing emotions of the pieces.

Hayley proceeded to recite the second number, 'The Water is Wide'. It was fantastic to hear Hayley's own piano playing introduction in the background! Hayley then introduced, 'Amazing Grace' and explained that she was singing an arrangement of the song written for her by Sir George Martin. This song was received with great applause. 'Both Sides Now' followed and then 'Scarborough Fair'. The bass frequencies in the musical accompaniment to this piece were gripping - a great contrast to Hayley's soprano vocal line.

Hayley then introduced 'Pokarekare Ana' and explained the Maori connections and the theme of this song. The audience were truly hypnotised by Hayley in this piece and a lot of people acknowledged that they knew the piece, following the introduction. Hayley then announced that the final song of the evening was, 'Across the Universe of Time' and jested with the audience that they would be "glad that this was the last song", and "I bet you can't all wait any longer for 'Il Divo' to come on stage". The sound of amusement echoed around the hall. The audience were very appreciative throughout the evening, although there was an abundance of flashlight photography throughout the set- unfortunately this was very disconcerting, but Hayley didn't show any signs of distraction.

Andrew Fenning

Re: Il Divo - UK - Glasgow - 6th April 2006

source : hwi
credits : review by andrew fenning
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