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Il Divo - Germany, Munich - 8th May 2006
Review by thomas Galuszka

Sorry for the delay, here's my short review of the concert:

Perfectly matching to Hayley´s concert, there was the brightest sunshine above munich. The concert took place in the "Olympiahalle". Her beginning was already very impressive to me. She performed the song "she moves through the fair" with her brilliant voice in a wonderful way. After she introduced herself and greeted the german audience even with the bavarian expression "Grüß Gott" which was a very nice gesture towards the mostly bavarian audience. To my own disapproval i must have recognized that the audience was very adapted to "IL DIVO" (the following group) and thanked her for her friendly gesture only in a restrained way. But with singing more and more songs on stage she convinced everyone to be an angel.

And during her performance i recognized deeply, that the former girl with the beautiful voice had been grown up to a gifted singer, who knows how to act on stage. (the first time i attended a concert of Hayley was in october 2004, this one now was my fifth) She introduced every single song with special chosen words to explain something (for example, she uncovered her secret Joni Mitchell admiration and therefore -of course- the song "Both sides now" followed). Because the applause for every single song was -let´s put it in a nice way- very very shy, I was relieved to hear that the audience was giving the greatest applause for her "Amazing Grace".
After 35 minutes on stage she ended the performance with her song "Pokarekare Ana".
It seems to me as if only a few seconds has passed by....Although the audience didn´t react as enthusiastic as i would have wished, i´m really hoping that the listeners will remember Hayley and wtih buying her CDs help to improve her popularity here in Germany. But I think that also the advertising was badly organized, because most of the time they just announced "IL DIVO" and didn´t support Hayley Westenra with announcing her name on newspaper ads and posters, too. It would have been much better for her, if they would have done it.Shortly after the performance i went to the place where Hayley´s CDs were sold and soon after Hayley herself appeared. Exactly like i got to know her from former concerts, she answered questions in her very own pleasant way and gave an autograph to everyone who asked.
And then it was my turn: I was next in line and immediatelly greeted her very pleased. Then the exciting thing happened: She told me that she recognized me from another concert. But especially because this concert was already in July 2005 in Duisburg, her remark made me even more proud and happy.It was terrific and extraordinarily fantastic. Therefore I was so stunned, I was hardly able to say another word in English. (Probably i would have had also a problem to answer something even in german. ;-) )

After all: It was such a wonderful evening and excellent concert, i´ll really keep in mind and will never forget, Thank´s so much, Hayley!

Thomas Galuszka

source : hwi
credits : thomas galuszka
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