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Cadogan Hall, Sloane Square, London
Cadogan Hall Interior
Review by Roger Mansbridge

Sorry for my tardiness but I have been seriously Hayleywowed!

Last night's event was excellent. It is not unknown for me to merely tolerate the other performers as I eagerly anticipate the appearance of our darling Hayley but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert on this occasion. Fiona was inspirational in her virtuoso performance of three numbers which began with her self-penned 'Memories of Martin and Mary' which I have long admired. Juliette Pochin has a wonderful voice which she delivers effortlessly. Tenors Unlimited were also very impressive and much appreciated but, as Richard has said, the auction seemed to delay the remainder of the show just a little too long. But, it was a charity event for a very worthwhile cause - Molly Bedingfield's 'Global Angels'. One particular auction lot was for an all-day cruise on a 50-foot yacht for the highest bidder and nine companions on the Solent (between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight). It went for £1900!

As Hayley's part of the show has been admirably covered, I will merely focus on one particular song as it surely justifies another mention. I fell in love with it 'The Mummer's Dance' moment I first heard it on the New Zealand Special Edition of Pure. Being a folky at heart, I always hoped I would hear her perform it live one day. She did it last night and I quickly realised I was not the only one to be so impressed. Not only did I hear murmurings of approval from Dave and Richard (who sat either side of me) but the audience responded with great enthusiasm.

When I spoke to Hayley afterwards, I told her that it was the first time to my knowledge that she had ever sung 'The Mummer's Dance' in the UK. Initially, she seemed surprised but then decided that it was probably true. Trust me Hayley, it was!

Hayley closed the show with 'Hine e Hine' which she sang with Tenors Unlimited. This song seems to be just as popular now as 'Pokarekare Ana' has always been. What I don't think has been mentioned is that she (they!) received a standing ovation from the entire audience which, I have to say, was thoroughly deserved.

No pictures from me this time. I looked around at the compexities being held by my compatriots and quickly put my camera back in my pocket in the hope that nobody had noticed me taking it out in the first place. I know when I'm beaten!

Onward to Wisley.....!


source : hwi
credits : roger mansbridge
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