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Hayley's Kiwi Ceili

Hayley Westenra - singing and playing "Sonny" - the biggest surprise of the evening!
Hayley Westenra - singing and playing Sonny
"the biggest surprise of the evening"
photo by Stuart Hayter

Review of Hayley's Kiwi Ceili
Shepherds Bush Empire, London - 31 August 2007

by Stephany Kong

Part 1 - Before the Concert

I almost didn't sleep on Thursday night. I was too excited by the thought of hearing Hayley Westenra live for the very first time. I knew it would be very strange to see and hear someone who has been the 'subject' of my daily life for the past six months. I registered as a member of the HWI Forum at the end of February 07 which means that during almost half and a year I've been constantly reading everything about her, posting new interviews, links to videos, listening to her CDs and of course reading other members’ opinions and concerts' reviews. From all that, I had created my own idea and image of Hayley Westenra: a young girl of unlimited kindness, generosity and talent. Needless to say - my expectations for this Shepherds Bush concert were therefore extremely high.

I dearly and sincerely wanted to experience this 'westenwowed' feeling that everyone raves about, and yet, I truly feared to be disappointed somehow. In my head, Hayley's image was too perfect if you like. Hence the (tiny) sentiment of apprehension before leaving. Anyway, the comment above was simply there to explain my state of mind before taking the Eurostar from Paris to London Waterloo. It will help you to understand later why I am now even more impressed by Hayley than before (yes, she's even beyond perfect in my opinion!).

Back to my London trip. My pink HWI polo t-shirt arrived on August 30. Phew! Just in time for my first Hayley concert. I put it in my bag and went to the train station in Paris, bought a newspaper, and took the Eurostar. I arrived in London at 10:58 at Waterloo Station after a very pleasant trip. During the trip, I read my newspaper, listened to my MP3 player and also tried to learn and memorize the lyrics of 'God Defend New Zealand'!

Once I arrived in London Waterloo, I took the Underground and found my way very easily to my hotel, situated in Shepherds Bush Road. I checked in, took a shower, changed clothes (polo HWI on this time!) and decided to go at the Shepherds Bush Empire to see if anyone was there already. I believe it was around 12:30. I bumped into Richard who was just arriving by bus. It was a little bit surreal to finally meet someone from HWI, haha. We soon met with Grant, Comet (Paul) and Tim. I first noticed Grant because he had his blue new HWI sweatshirt on. Dutchjoyce and her husband Hendrik arrived a few minutes later, followed by Thomas. I think Roger was the next one, then Mark, Jim and his wife Irene and finally Caite. I got a hug from everyone! I was very touched, although not very used to the habit! In France, we only kiss the cheeks. I'm afraid hugs don't exist in my country. How sad!

Anyway, we knew the others couldn't join us for lunch so we an Irish pub, 'O Neills, near the Shepherds Bush Empire. Some of us ordered food, others only drinks and a few of us both. We had a very nice chat although I must admit at that moment I was very quiet because I was trying to understand everyone, haha. Especially Paul's accent but it seems that I wasn't the only one so I was a bit reassured by that.

After our meal, we left the pub to wait for Hayley (or anyone from her band or management). If I remember well, Roger was told that their little group had already arrived but even then, they said they might come to see us and say 'hi' so we decided to wait. James, Martin, Steve and Stuart joined us at that moment - when we were waiting in front of the Empire. Paul noticed that we could hear Hayley's voice coming out - probably the soundcheck. Honestly though, I personally couldn't hear anything, haha.

 Caite and I spotted Fiona and Ian, two of Hayley’s backing musicians for the evening. They were chatting with the HWI group who was still waiting next to the stage door but they left before we could join them. I think it's at that moment Roger told me we *may* have a chance to meet them with Hayley after the concert. Nothing was certain though, so I prefered not to focus on this idea and simply decided to wait for what would happen.

We started queuing around 6pm. There were two different queues - one for the standing stalls, another for the unreserved seating. We were not the first ones but our group came second or third so we were certain to have a good view on the stage. Chris joined us in the queue and the group was complete. Well, almost, because I didn't know that Drew was supposed to come and we only saw him after the concert.

The doors opened around 7pm. Phew! It was time - I reckon that the excitement was starting to rise very quickly during that specific moment. They checked our bags and unfortunately they didn't allow me to bring in my bottle of water so I had to throw it in the bin. A shame!

I was surprised because the venue was not as big as I had expected. The seating on the first floor was quickly filled. We were more or less in the first and second rows on the ground floor. Thanks to my lovely and generous HWI comrades, I was given one of the best spot - just under the stage. Very, VERY close to where Hayley would be standing. Wow. Thank you so much again guys!!

Part 2 - The Concert (before the interval)

So there we were, standing, waiting for Hayley and her band. I looked around and noticed a lot of young people behind us. At that time, I didn't realize who they were but it seems that there were all Dave Dobbyn fans. I believe there were not so many Hayley fans - which is quite troubling considering the fact that Hayley was headlining.

A piano and drums were installed on the stage with a guitar on each side. The venue was very dark - we couldn't see very well. But that was BEFORE the concert started, of course. It was dark but we eventually noticed Ian who sat at his piano (on our left) and Mischa took his guitar (he was on Ian's right). We didn't see Fiona so I said to Martin (who was on my left during the first part of the concert: 'Maybe Dave Dobbyn will start the concert and then introduce Hayley?'...but we didn't really have the time to discuss this point as ALL the lights were turned off at this specific moment (whoa - the excitement is still there while I'm writing. Amazing!)

OK, so it was totally dark - we couldn't see a thing. They turned off the lights very suddenly so I personally didn't have the time to realize anything. Then I heard her. Her voice resonated in the entire venue. No instruments at the beginning. Just her. Just Hayley.

'Pokarekare Ana.......
Nga wai o waiapu
Whiti atu koe hine
Marino ana e'

I will never forget this moment. Not just because it was the first time I was hearing Hayley. It's for a totally different and yet very simple reason. This particular moment - unique because it would be a first for me -, well, I wasn't enjoying it alone. I could feel a hand, it was Grant's I think, and also Roger's hands (or was it Caite's?) on my shoulders. They were fully supporting me - encouraging me to live in the moment. Transform it in a memory I would cherish my entire life.

The lights started to turn on progressively and there she was. At first, I only distinguished a silhouette looking very much like Hayley and it's only when I noticed her hair that I realized it was really HER. The lights eventually permitted us to fully see what she was wearing. The gorgeous red dress from Woburn Abbey. Magnificent. I couldn't believe my ears. I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe I was there, standing with a part of the HWI clan and accompanied by the other part in my head and heart. Fiona arrived on the stage after Hayley - I couldn't see anything so maybe she was there before with Ian & Mischa - and started after the first verse I think. Same for the boys. They were all playing for Hayley. Hayley was singing for us. Incredible. The way she was moving on the stage, the look of her eyes...wow. She puts all her heart into each song and...yea, 'wow' again!! (what else can I say?). Now I understand why a live performance is SO MUCH BETTER. I've heard 'Pokarekare Ana' a certain number of times but this one was probably the best (am I starting to be biased?). On top of that, it was the vocalise version of 'Pokarekare Ana' for which I particularly have an affection. I really enjoy listening to Hayley doing the 'interludes' with her voice. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I was totally... I don't know. There's no word for this. Oh, sorry - now I think I know. I was purely and simply 'westenwowed'.

I can't remember if the applause we gave was doing justice to her fabulous - and almost unbelievable - performance but I sincerely hope so. To be honest, I have absolutely NO IDEA of what happened next. I mean, she probably introduced herself, her band and the aim of this Kiwi Ceili but if she did, I've completely forgotten. My head was probably far away from Shepherds Bush during this specific moment.

Hayley introduced her next song as a Kiwi one - apparently famous. It is called 'Something Good'. I honestly can't really remember the melody or the lyrics but I remember paying a lot of attention to her voice - it sounded very pure, no doubt of that, but also extremely rich. I don't know if it's the 'live' effect but I was sincerely very impressed.

Some of you probably remember well how excited I was by the video of 'The Mummers Dance' from NYC at Ulysses. I had also loved her previous performance of the song - I think it was at Cadogan Hall with the golden dress - and I was in awe when I saw again this beautiful song on the video. You can now imagine my delight when she announced that it would be her third song at the Shepherds Bush Empire! It was - once again - very, VERY good. Fiona's accompaniment was really interesting too. Different from what had been done in NYC. Having said that, I believe it was another violinist but I'm not sure. Anyway, 'The Mummer's Dance' was delightful.

OK so from now on I'll keep it short(er). Hayley introduced her guest artist, Dave Dobbyn, who had loads of fans at the Empire. I sincerely had difficulties to appreciate his songs - I don't know why, maybe because of his voice. I found it quite ordinary to be honest. I'm not a specialist so I can't really tell if he's a good musician either. Anyway, he sang two solo songs : 'Whaling' and 'Slace of Heaven'.

Then Fiona performed two solo numbers too - 'Fire Fly' and 'The Pipers Son'. I was so, so impressed by Fiona. She was clearly having a BLAST - her enthusiasm was absolutely incredible! I wasn't familiar with her music prior to the concert (except 'Martin & Mary') but I actually appreciate her a lot. Double wow! She then performed with Dave on a song called 'Hurricane'. Dave continued with two other solo songs on the piano 'Roll Away' and 'Guilty'. And finally, phew! Hayley returned to the stage - still with her gorgeous red dress. She performed a duet with Dobbyn called 'Don't Dream it's Over'. Once again, I can't remember the song or I get them all mixed up (it's always like that when I don't know a song!) but it was probably very pretty. The sound was a bit too loud sometimes, though.

They left for the interval. Already! So far, Hayley had only sung 3 solo songs (Pokarekare Ana, Something Good, Mummers Dance) and a duet with Dave (Don't Dream it's Over) so we were all hoping that it would change in the second part of the concert. During the interval, I followed Thomas who showed me where to buy a CD by Fiona. We both bought her latest one 'Memories from Home'. Yay! An excellent purchase, I'm sure of it. Now - get ready for the second part of the concert!

Part 3 - The Concert (after the interval)

Thomas and I arrived just in time for the start of the second part with Fiona's CD in our hands. Dave Dobbyn entered the stage and performed two other solo songs with his electric guitar: 'Beside You' and 'Loyal'. At this stage, we were very happy to finally see Hayley returning. This time, she was wearing jeans and a splendid silver top. She sang another duet with Dave, it's called 'Oughta Be in Love'. I remember this song - it was quite nice, actually. I believe it's originally a song by Dave Dobbyn - I'll have to check just to be sure.

The next song was excellent. I absolutely loved it. It's called 'I Hope I Never'. I didn't know it but it was GORGEOUS. The melody was very nice. Hayley said she had wanted to sing this one for quite some time. I didn't get the rest of her explanation but I think I understood the words 'Bon Voyage'! Unless she was was refering to the name of the album or to the song's original author?! I don't know for sure. Anyway, very well-done Hayley!! I really enjoyed this song.

Hayley introduced her next song by saying that she was very sorry because it wasn't really a Kiwi song. As expected, the audience reacted negatively and Hayley added immediately 'But! It reminds me a lot of home'.' Pause. 'Who's a fan of The Lord of the Rings?'. Ha! Good one, Hayley - I didn't see this one coming. Many of us raised their hands and she announced the name of the song. It was of course 'May it Be'. Now, that one was quite interesting to hear live because I've always said that - being a HUGE fan of 'The Lord of the Rings' - Enya's version has always been first in my head despite Hayley's good version. When someone says 'May it Be', I think 'Enya' straight away, not 'Hayley'. I did love listening to Hayley's version but it just didn't do it as much as Enya's…

…Until Shepherds Bush! I don't really know why, but the live performance adds a lot. In this case, it brought the song on a total different scale. I was completely blown away and I couldn't help singing along (well, not really singing...mouthing). This particular performance also stirred up my curiosity simply because, as a consequence, I'm now starting to wonder if some of Hayley's songs that I usually don't like that much on her CDs would actually sound better on a live performance. It largely depends on what you expect of the song so I guess we will never know for sure but it's true that hearing a song live is not really comparable to a CD playing.

Anyway, back to the concert. Fiona was back with my favourite number 'Memories of Martin andMary'. It starts very slowly and the pace is fastened progressively - I couldn't help clapping and encouraging Fiona. She's absolutely amazing!! You really have to see her live to understand the full extent of her talent. Brillant, Fiona! She also performed 'Zoo Keeper' and 'Dark Eyes'. Her last number was excellent - she has so much energy and she clearly had a smashing time with the audience. Ian Tilley too, by the way. He was really into it. A very successful Ceili!

At this point, the musicians left the stage for a well-deserved rest. Hayley returned alone for what was going to be the biggest surprise of the evening. Some advice: make sure you're well-seated to avoid falling off of your chair! Are you ready? OK. Well, as I said, Hayley came on alone. She told us she was about to do something she's NEVER done before in front of an audience. Never done in public. Never, never, never. Our curiosity was at the maximum, as you can imagine. This time, instead of standing at the centre of the stage - Hayley kept on walking, took a chair and sat down. Very seriously, I think that at this specific moment, every single HWI member who was present gasped in TOTAL surprise. We thought it would never happen. Well, it did, on August 30, 2007 at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

Hayley was now alone on the stage, sitting at Ian's piano. I can't remember how she explained this to the audience but she mentioned 'Sonny' and the fact that she recorded it doing both the singing and the piano, but never performed it in public the same way that she recorded it. To be honest, I think that no-one in the audience apart from Hayley's 'hardcore' fans knew what she was talking about. They didn't realize how GRAND this performance was going to be. And we - or at least me, but I think it was the same for everyone else from HWI - we still couldn't believe she was about to sing AND play 'Sonny' on the piano.

Hayley took a deep breath and started playing the piano. I think that everyone from HWI enjoyed this very special moment differently. But in the end, we all said the same thing. It was B-R-I-L-L-A-N-T. She did so well. Bravo, Hayley. Bravo. And thanks - thanks a lot. We didn't really discuss 'Sonny' between us afterwards but I personally didn't hear the first two or three words she sang, probably because she was too far away from the mic, or maybe because she was too concentrated on the piano when she started. However, after this, everything went very smoothly. 'Sonny', being 'Sonny, 'Hayley' being 'Hayley' - well, no wonder my eyes started watering during the song.

Now, a little anecdote before going on with the review. Before the concert started, Roger asked me an interesting question. If I was to choose only ONE song for Hayley to perform tonight, what would it be? I slightly hesitated and replied 'Sonny' with Hayley playing the piano. Roger agreed that it would indeed be quite something to hear that. But he commented on the fact that it was a Ceili, something very festive - and not an intimate venue where Hayley usually performs. In our heads, the answer was 'one day, she will do it....'. One day. And wow - in fact, it was TODAY.

We applauded Hayley for a while - I think we were all still under the shock and surprise of this performance. Especially when Hayley added 'This one is for YOU, guys!' and she pointed her finger at us! Superb, Hayley. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a wonderful gift indeed!

Fiona returned on the stage just after that. Hayley spoke about Natalie McMaster - and we knew we would get 'Summer Fly'. I understand that it is a very difficult song to perform live but I must say that they did admirably well. The audience was a bit noisy during 'Sonny' - probably except us, our mouths were sealed - but everyone was having fun during 'Summer Fly'. At the end, Hayley was so happy that she pointed her finger at the audience and said 'YOU GUYS ROCK!!'. I don't know if it's something she usually says to her audience but wow, everyone was going crazy. Being so close to the stage, we could easily tell that Hayley and Fiona were having a smashing time. And so were we!

Time to cool things down a bit again. Hayley announced that she would now sing a Kiwi lullaby. The audience was really noisy (after 'Summer Fly', no wonder!) so she put her finger on her mouth, smiling and saying 'I said it's a lullaby. A lullaby!'. Someone in the audience suddenly shouted 'Pokarekare Ana'! Hayley giggled and replied 'I've already sung this one! Did you miss it?'. And then she explained the story of the little Kiwi going to bed, etc. Of course, we all knew from the very start that she was going to sing 'Hine e Hine'. It was splendid. Really splendid. Well-done again Hayley!!

Hayley remained on the stage and was joined once again by Dave Dobbyn. I didn't really get what she said to introduce 'Welcome Home', another song from New Zealand. I believe she said she was aware that not everyone here was Kiwi. I know that she was looking at me in the eyes during her whole speech and everyone turned to look at me and we all laughed but I'm not sure I understood what actually happened. Caite told me she mentioned my name 'Stephany' in front of everyone but I must admit I didn't hear it. Hayley was giggling so maybe it's the reason I didn't understand her.

The song was very good. So good, that even though it was supposed to be the last one, the audience made sure they would all come back on stage. Everyone was so eager to see Dave, Hayley and all the musicians again that the clapping and shouting didn't end. Of course, they came back for an encore. Hayley and Dave again for the song 'Six months in a leaky boat'. Very good song as well. Shouting and applause again! This time they didn't come on the stage right away - they waited behind the curtains for a while. It was totally crazy. And they eventually came back with a big smile on their face. Hayley said 'I hope you didn't forget what this Ceili is for? It's a send off for our All Blacks!' Big approval of the audience.

Fiona started the melody of 'God Defend New Zealand' on her violin. Dave was here too. In fact, everyone. Everyone was singing - including the audience. Including the non-Kiwis like us who had prepared and learned the lyrics. That was really something. Everyone - I really mean it - EVERYONE was singing. It was crazy. Awesome. And we weren't the only ones to feel this unity. Hayley was so, so, so moved. Her eyes were clearly watering and at some point we could hear it in her voice. I even thought she would stop a moment just to breathe for a second but she didn't. She just carried on with the biggest smile on her face. Heroic. And it was the second time of the evening that I had a few tears in my eyes. Awwh typical.

Now I can't help thinking about Roger's signature: 'We are one but we are many'. It's exactly what happened this evening. At the end, we were all united despite our differences. This Kiwi Ceili was a real mind blowing experience, don't you think?

Part 4 - After the Concert

Those of you who experienced the 'Westenwowed' effect know that you need quite some time before completely going back to Earth again. The concert had ended, the crowd was starting to dwindle and yet we stayed for a few minutes at the Shepherds Bush Empire to share our comments about this Kiwi Ceili. We all agreed on the fact this concert was indeed very special and unique. The 'Sonny' surprise was probably the main highlight of the concert but we really had a fabulous time all along. After a moment, Roger suddenly said to our group :'Guys, come on follow me! We have to go NOW!' I didn't realize what was happening but then I spotted Steve Abbott (Hayley’s manager) leading the little HWI troup through the Empire and I knew straight away that he was taking us to Hayley. The confirmation that we would actually meet Hayley suddenly became a dream come true. We were treated like V.I.Ps and taken to a big room where a bar was installed. A few people were already waiting there and I suppose they were quite stunned to see such a big group enter the place at the same time.

We waited for Hayley - not for long, though. She arrived beautifully dressed and said 'hi' to everyone gathered in the room. Hayley started to speak with two or three girls with whom she seemed to be very good friends. Probably Kiwis. I couldn't believe my eyes and I think I was actually staring at her during their conversation - sorry Hayley! Didn't mean to intrude or anything. Then there she was, she spotted our group and waved at us with a broad smile on her face. I believe I was standing next to Caite behind our group and everyone from HWI suddenly looked at me. They were all smiling and had this look saying 'Come on, don't be shy!' - I moved a bit but Hayley was faster and came directly to me. 'Hi Stephany!!' she said. We shooked hands very quickly because she actually gave me a hug immediately. I can't remember what I said exactly - probably something very basic like 'Hi Hayley! I'm so pleased to meet you'. She said she was also delighted to meet me. How very kind of you, Hayley!

I told her how much I had enjoyed the concert. She thanked me and said she was very happy with how things turned out but she also reminded me that it wasn't the type of concert she's usually doing. I sincerely thanked her for 'Sonny' and told her how Roger asked me before the concert what song I would like to hear most and it was of course 'Sonny' with the piano. She smiled and seemed really happy as I told her it was a real success. 'It was brillant, Hayley!'. She replied that the funny thing was - 'Sonny' wasn't even on the songlist before the concert and, guess what? She didn't even rehearse it. She just felt comfortable enough to perform it with the piano tonight - and that was it! All our group showed our appreciation and she was really thankful. Hopefully she will do it again?

The next minute all our photographers were at the ready. Hayley took my arm and we were soon being photographed by everyone. It was very funny because she always seemed to know where to look so I basically also followed her look. At a moment, I thought it was over so I thanked her and she said 'oh wait, there's another one coming!' And she pointed Stuart who was about to take a picture too.

Then she shook hands with everyone and was handed lots of 'G&B' chocolates. Tim offered her a little gift with a postcard. Hayley stared at Tim, who had flown in from America, and started to realize who it was with a 'what are you doing here??' look. She looked again around her and was amazed to see us all - especially when she saw Thomas from Germany, Dutchjoyce from the Netherlands, Paul from Ireland and of course Caite (who got a hug too). She noticed Grant's new HWI polo shirt and was like 'Wow!! Is this new??'. Yes it is, Hayley. I showed her my pink polo and she was so stunned!! Very happy to see a different colour, haha! Roger told her who was behind the idea (yay for Belinda!) and I added that Graeme&Marianne from Australia had designed the new logo. She particularly loved the little Kiwi! She also noticed Joyce's pendant - I believe it was from New Zealand, and Chris' tiki which is apparently a traditional Maori ornament. We learn a lot with Hayley, haha.

Hayley had pictures taken with everyone and also signed autographs. She signed one of the promo CDs Grant generously offered me. I said 'It's Stephany with a.....' Didn't have the time to finish my sentence - she knew and said 'yes, I know, Stephany with a 'y'!'. 'It's Stephany with 'ph', right?' I nodded and thanked her sincerely for her autograph. Thank you so much Hayley! She signed other stuff for everyone else and I took the opportunity to ask her about her upcoming appearances in Paris. 'Oh yes, I'm definitely coming to Paris for a few gigs around the World Cup.' (yes!!). 'Do you know when by any chance?'. She gave me this lovely confused look that said 'you-know-I-never-know-my-schedule-do-you?'. Haha - I was 80% certain she wouldn't know. 'Early September?' I tried. 'Hummm, I really don't know but don't worry, I'll find out for you, OK?'. Sure, Hayley. Merci!

It was then time for a few HWI group pictures. Hayley called Steve A. and asked him to take the pics. He took a camera and asked us to say 'Luton!!'. The boys from our team wanted Hayley, Caite and me to pose for them. So we did! Drew also offered us beautiful Westenra roses. We are indeed very lucky ladies! Thanks again, Drew. I thought Hayley would then go to see the other people in the room so I discretely walked away because I wanted to give her some privacy with the other guests. I was really stunned to see that she actually followed me to ask me some questions like 'How long do you stay in London?' - stuff like that. Hayley, you are truly one and only! I told her I had come only for her concert so she was really appreciative. I added that it would definitely not be the last time because I had such a fantastic evening and enjoyed myself immensely. After a few minutes, she had to leave and see the other guests so I thanked her again for everything and she smiled saying 'see you soon, Stephany!'. You know, I still can't believe she's 6 months younger than me. I felt like a little child with Hayley! She was so lovely. Her kindness is also beyond imagination - thank you so, so much Hayley for your time and endless generosity.

Fiona & Ian were also in the same room so I took my new Fiona CD and went to see her. We shook hands and I said 'Fiona, you were absolutely FANTASTIC! I had such a great time during your solo numbers'. She was very happy to hear that and thanked me for my kind words! Then she saw that I had bought her CD and was so appreciative. 'Thank you so much for buying my CD! What do you want me to write on it?'. I replied that 'To Stephany' would be fine. She looked at me again and said - 'Ooooh yes, Stephany with a 'y'! I already know about you'. 'You do?' 'Of course!' and she signed my CD whilst I was repeating how much fun I had had during the concert. She was so glad to hear that. Steve was with us and pointed out that she was the musical director. Fiona nodded and explained to us that whenever she wasn't on stage, she was actually behind the curtains totally freaking out in case something bad happened. Fiona was really chatty and a pleasure to talk with. I really look forward to seeing more of her songs in the near future. In the meantime, I have her album!

Eventually, they all had to go so we said 'bye-bye' once again. We went out of the Shepherds Bush Empire and Steve A. told us to come with him at the Walkabout (Australian bar) where a private party was held. He let us in and even bought us drinks! If you're around Mr Abbott, please accept my sincere thanks for everything you did - and still do - for HWI.

Before this Shepherds Bush concert, I considered that a meeting with Hayley at least once in my life would be some sort of achievement. The end of a cycle, some kind of reward for the 'work' (it's not work at all, though!) I've done on HWI. Now I start to think that it's only the beginning of something new, magical and exceptional.

Thank you to everyone who made this unforgettable evening possible. Thank you to those who attended the Shepherds Bush Empire concert and were so friendly and generous with me. A very special thanks to Roger who offered me the ticket to this concert and made sure I had the most fabulous day ever. Thank you to all the HWI administrators and moderators for welcoming me so warmly in the team. Thank you to all the HWI members for their valuable friendship - I truly hope I'll meet you all one day!! Thank you to Mr Steve Abbott and everyone from Bedlam Management for their irreplaceable assistance.

Last but not least, a very warm thank you from the bottom of my heart to Miss Hayley Westenra who is giving us so, so, so, so, so much happiness.

31 August 2007

source : © 2007 Stephany Kong
credits : Review by Stephany
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