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Hayley Gets Big Contract
F E A T U R E S   S T O R Y 

HayleyNew Zealand's Hayley Westenra, at 14, capped off a huge year in 2001 with the news that she will sign to The Decca Music Group in London in a multi-album, worldwide deal.

The huge success of her debut New Zealand album 'Hayley' caught the attention of Costa Pilavachi, the worldwide president of Decca Music Group who visited New Zealand in September, just to meet with Hayley.

"When I first heard Hayley I was touched and captivated by the beauty and expressiveness of her voice. I then had the pleasure of meeting her and her lovely family in New Zealand and I am convinced that she will be a world star".

Hayley Westenra, aged just 14 is equally excited about her new deal. "Receiving a record contract from Universal Music New Zealand was unbelievable - it was just so exciting! Now being offered a record deal with Decca is just too much to comprehend at the moment.

"With all the opportunities involved, I think I'll have to just take one day at a time! It seems now that anything may be possible and I am very grateful that Decca have such a strong belief in me".

2001 was a landmark year for Hayley. Signing to Universal Music New Zealand in February, Hayley had recorded, released and achieved three times platinum sales of her album 'Hayley' by July, making her one of the fastest selling debut acts in New Zealand history. The album topped the New Zealand charts for 5 weeks.

Hayley has just released her second New Zealand album 'My Gift To You' - a collection of inspirational favourites including ‘Pokarekare Ana’, ‘You'll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘Mary Did You Know’.

The Decca Music Group is home to some of the world's greatest and most popular singers including people like Luciano Pavarotti. Hayley will record her first album for the company in early 2002 for global release later in the year.

source : tearaway.co.nz
credits : Keith S.
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