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Presenting: Hayley's First Recording Studio
New Frontier
8th_burg.gif (1071 bytes)  Pete McGregor
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510 Blockhouse Bay Road,
Blockhouse Bay,
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: (09) 627-0335  Fax: (09) 627-0235

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Entertainment Agent

New Frontier Recording Studio
is situated on Auckland' North Shore.

The Studio comprises a 8m x 16m sounding room with cantilevered ceiling and timber floor, perfect for recording larger projects involving groups such as orchestras.

coustic instruments such as piano, strings and vocals record particularly well in this space. Ideal for recording anything from soloist to groups through to multi-tracked studio albums and live "one off" classical performances.

The Studio has 2 great pianos - a Yamaha C7 concert grand and a Yamaha U1 upright.. The studio also has available a Yamaha drum kit and a range of percussion instruments andamps and keyboards. Useful if you are coming from outside Auckland to record.

Mood lighting enhances "live recording" feel.

Albums, Jingles, Demos, Singles, duplication, Live recording, post production.

The studio can also help with distribution of your product in New Zealand and overseas.


Equipment includes:
Digital multitracking to Fostex D160 sixteen track.
Analogue 16 track also available.
A comprehensive range of microphones from AKG, Beyer, Shure, Audio technica.
Compressors, reverbs and effects.
Computer editing, compiling and mastering.

New Frontier has a spacious control room for pleasent and relaxed environment.

(Visit Website link below)
Including Sound Engineer


New Frontier Records have recorded some very successful albums.

The most oustanding project is the Debut recording of youthful singer Hayley Westenra accompanied by members of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. This album has recently gone double platinum in New Zealand sales (see award opp.)

Other recent albums include "To whom it may Concern" by June Hayes

source : New Frontier Recording Studio
credits : Pete McGregor Music
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