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Hayley in new recording of West Side Story
Audio CD is out in the UK 13 August and digital downloads from 30 July


Hayley has recorded the part of Maria in a new audio studio production of the musical West Side Story which is due for release digitally in the UK on 30 July and as a CD on 13th August. Full details are below, courtesy of Hayley's Official Website. You can see and hear more audio and video clips on the West Side Story 2007 website.

West Side Story - 50th Anniversary recording

One of the most lauded musicals ever written, West Side Story is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. It is one of the few musicals that never age, and is still as relevant and well-loved today as it ever was. In this 50th anniversary year of the musical, UCJ has assembled some of the biggest classical crossover stars to record a brand new glitzy version of the musical.

This is one of the only major recordings of this masterpiece to have been made since the 1984 version with Leonard Bernstein himself conducting, and has been made with the authorisation of the Bernstein foundation in New York. The cast in the seminal 1984 recording included Kiri Te Kanawa, Jose Carreras, Tatiana Troyanos, Kurt Ollmann and Marilyn Horne.

In this version the part of Maria is passed over to fellow Kiwi Hayley Westenra who pairs up with Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo. Other stars include Connie Fisher and Melanie Marshall (currently playing the lead in Porgy and Bess). With a bright young cast (the singers' ages on this new UCJ recording also more closely resemble the youth of both Romeo and Juliet and Maria and Tony) and timeless tunes, this is set to become the recording of choice for the 21st Century West Side Story lover.

Click here to see a video clip of Hayley singing "I Feel Pretty"

The album will be available as a digital download on on July 30th and in the shops as a CD on August 13th.


Tony  -  Vittorio Grigolo
Maria  -  Hayley Westenra
Riff  -  Will Martin
Anita  -  Melanie Marshall
A girl  -  Connie Fisher
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra/Nick Ingman

Album Tracklist

1. Prologue
2. Jet Song  -  Riff and the Jets
3. Something's Coming  -  Tony
4. The Dance at The Gym (Blues, Promenade, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Jump)  -  Jets and Sharks
5. Maria  -  Tony and Maria
6. Tonight (balcony)  -  Tony and Maria
7. America  -  Anita, Rosalia and girls
8. Cool  -  Riff and Jets
9. One Hand, One Heart  -  Tony and Maria
10. Tonight (ensemble)  -  Tony and Maria and cast
11. I Feel Pretty  -  Maria and girls
12. Somewhere  -  A Girl
13. Gee Officer Krupke  -  Jets
14. A Boy Like That  -  Anita and Maria
15. I Have A Love  -  Maria and Anita
16. Finale  -  Tony and Maria


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