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Updated: Sunday July 26, 2009

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16 July 2009 NZ Herald

Hayley's Mandarin love song wins over Taiwan

4:00AM Friday Jul 24, 2009
By Lincoln Tan
Hayley Westenra sang for 40,000 people at the opening ceremony of the World Games. Photo / Martin Sykes

Hayley Westenra sang for 40,000 people at the opening ceremony of the World Games. Photo / Martin Sykes

After wowing the Taiwanese by singing in Mandarin, Kiwi soprano Hayley Westenra has clearly won new fans in the island of 23 million.

Tickets for the star's first Taiwan concert in October sold out in a day after her performance at last week's opening ceremony of the 8th World Games.

Her repertoire included a Mandarin love song, The Moon Represents My Heart, performed in front of 40,000 people.

Andy Tseng, Taiwan's New Zealand-based press counsellor, says it is now impossible for people to get tickets for Westenra's Moon Festival show at the National Concert Hall on Oct 3, where she will perform with the Taipei Symphony Orchestra.

"The tickets have sold out after her performance at the opening ceremony," Mr Tseng said.

The quadrennial World Games opened at the southern city of Kaoshiung on July 16, and are seen as hugely important and a rare opportunity for Taiwan to bask in the international limelight.

"It is so great that Hayley respects the hosts by singing not only one of Taiwan's favourite love songs, but also in the language of the host country," said Auckland-based Taiwanese student David Hsieh, who watched the opening on the internet.

"A lot of people are talking about her now back in Taiwan."

All six songs that Hayley sung in can be seen in High Definition video here at HWI on YouTube.

29 Nov 2008
Hayley's Management

Statement: Hayley has regrettably had to pull out of all of her engagements in the run into Christmas. She has had a bronchial problem that she picked up whilst launching the Poppy Appeal in Basra , which , due to carrying out her duties around Remembrance Week has failed to clear . The doctor has advised her that she needs to take a proper break to allow the condition to clear and so she is returning immediately to New Zealand to recuperate with her family.

She would like to send her sincere apologies to all those affected by this, it is the first time she has had to cancel due to health reasons.

16 Nov 2008
Hayley wins Classical Performer of the Year at the Variety Club Showbiz Awards
Congratulations Hayley! For details see the HWI Forum here and don't miss the presentation ceremony on Sky One TV - 30 November 2008
8 Nov 2008
Hayley & Jonathan Ansell sang at the British Legion Festival of Remembrance
For details see the HWI Forum HERE
You can view their moving performance of 'Today Won't Come Again' HERE
25 Jun 2008

Hayley's next UK Album will be released on 3 Nov 2008 [later changed to 27 October] and is called:
River of Dreams - The Very Best of Hayley Westenra

18 Jun 2008
HWI Staff report
& Oricon Japan
Hayley enters the top ten of the main Japanese Album chart
Hayley Sings Japanese Songs climbs to no. 10 - her highest ever album chart position in Japan! For details see the HWI Forum - CLICK HERE or to buy CLICK HERE
30 May 2008
HWI Staff report
Hayley's duet with Minako Honda Amazing Grace tops Japanese Chart. It made no. 1 in the Japan International Singles Chart!
8 May 2008
HWI Staff report
Hayley's duet with Jonathan Ansell - Classical BRIT Awards 2008
For their superb performance of Un Giorno Per Noi - click here
31 Dec 2007
BBC Website
22 Jul 2007
Virgin Books release
17 July 2007
28 May2007
HWI Staff report
5 Apr 2007
Hayley's Official Web Team
27 Mar 2007
Hayley's MySpace
27 Mar 2007
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