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HWI Videoplayer 2005

Shrewsbury Concert - 10 December 2005 - Hayley Westenra

Hayley at Shrewsbury Abbey - Private video

Six Songs from the Show
21m 59s - 460 kbps

credits HWI/Simon/Dave


Please bear in mind that this video was recorded only six days before Keith passed away. He was unable to attend the concert so Hayley recorded a special Christmas message for him, which he saw just one day later and it brought tears of happiness to his eyes, tears he was not afraid to let fall. Simon.

Addendum: The camera work for this video was by Simon, who passed away on 3rd June 2007. For more information about Keith and Simon, you may visit the Site Information page.

Recorded on: Saturday 10 December 2005
Uploaded 11 Dec 2005 - Updated 6 Feb 2008

In memory of Keith Sheel (1950 - 2005 ) and Simon Smalley (1945 - 2007).

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