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Catch singer’s U.S. debut

Staff Reports
The Desert Sun
February 9th, 2002


New Zealand is way hot. First, NZ-born director Peter Jackson brought the massive “Lord of the Rings” production to be helmed in his homeland, and the box-office bonanza has spurred mad interest in the beautiful country.

Now, New Zealand’s 14-year-old songbird Hayley Westenra is poised to carry up on the worldwide charts, after having gone triple platinum in New Zealand in a matter of weeks.

The kind of people who predict such things call her “the next Charlotte Church.”

We think she and Aaron Carter, if ever they were to hook up, could easily be the new Britney and Justin.

Tonight’s 8 o’clock performance at the McCallum Theatre, 73-000 Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert, marks her North America debut.

Tickets run between $25 and $65.


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