17-year-old New Zealand songbird Hayley Westernra has started a mini-revolution. The girl with perfect pitch has gotten teens and young adults to enjoy listening to classical music. Her album “Pure” went past two million in sales in the U.K. and one million is Asia, Australia/New Zealand. The interesting thing is that the cd debuted #1 on the Brit classical charts but also appeared on U.K. Pop charts at #8 right there with Sting, Dido, Kylie Minogue and Britney. It remained in the Top 10 for eight weeks. Her music has a lot of crossover potential. At one point, versatile Hayley also danced ballet in a national company!

The beautiful, blue-eyed, soft-spoken teen has performed for the Queen,

George Bush and other heads of state but started out singing in school groups and, for extra money, sang with pals on the streets of her native Christchurch, New Zealand. Hayley is super busy with t.v. and concert appearances, a Disney radio tour and work as the youngest ever Ambassador to UNICEF.

We sat down with her for a chat in her hotel room while she was visiting Los Angeles with her dad Gerald who helps her out while she’s away from home. She was in the states for radio shows and singing the national anthem at a NASCAR event. Hayley looked very chic in jeans, a multi-colored Dolce and Gabanna top, black slides with leather flower bows and a big turquoise ring.

With dad ironing (yes ironing) something in the background, Hayley and I chatted about her album, musical plans, love for native Maori songs, what she’s looking for in a boyfriend, her fave movie hottie, what it’s like turning 17 and other gurltalk. Check it out:

TeenMusic: You just had a birthday last month. Did you have the chance to do anything fun?

Hayley: Gosh. I enjoy just sleeping in. I went to the gym, which is like a novelty for me, I just feel so much better. Then we went for a walk around New York and we went out to this really nice restaurant called Zen Palace.

TeenMusic: So where is home now? Are you still in London?

Hayley: Home is Christchurch, which is back in New Zealand. I am going back to the UK, after being here in America, for a month to study for my (college entrance) exams. Then I come back to America then, in about another month to New Zealand to shoot a PBS special. Great Performances on PBS. Then I come back again to America and basically spend the rest of the year here.

TeenMusic: Whew! So you haven’t really had a chance to see any of the Hollywood sites yet?

Hayley: Not really, no.

TeenMusic: What is the best thing about being seventeen and what is the worst thing?

Hayley: The best thing about being seventeen is you are one step closer to being eighteen. Being seventeen you don’t have the responsibilities of being eighteen as well, which is kind of a benefit.