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Tasman Bay
Let's Go Walkabout! Part One.



Map MotuekaThe prosperous town of Motueka, in sunny Tasman Bay, is the gateway to two of our great national parks.

Motueka, 47 km from Nelson, was named by early Maori as the ‘Land of the Weka’ because this flightless bird was one of their primary food sources. The town is on the banks of the Motueka River inland from Tasman Bay. It enjoys one of the most benign climates in the country with high sunshine hours, long hot summers and reliable rainfall. These conditions are ideal for growing grapes, apples and hops.

MotuekaThe residents of Motueka are a diverse, cosmopolitan group. Roadside outlets for potters, artists, sculptors and other talented craftspeople can be found here among the orchards. There are also many restaurants, cafés and vineyards in the surrounding area. For visitors the overall atmosphere is one of creativity, and warm hospitality.

The Abel Tasman National Park is just 20 minutes away and is the biggest drawcard for the town. The Abel Tasman, New Zealand’s smallest national park, is also the most popular. However despite the summer crowds you will easily find a private spot along the coast. The main tramping track takes three to four days, either as a guided trip or a freedom walk. It is possible to explore the coastline by cruise launch, water taxi or kayak.

The Kahurangi National Park is 30 minutes away, and offers a range of tramping tracks from one to six days, including the renowned Heaphy Track, which crosses the park from Collingwood to Karamea. The park contains the largest cave system in the Southern Hemisphere, and dramatic limestone formations. There are interesting historic and ecological walkways across the Mt. Arthur tablelands above the town, and excellent cross-country trails in the Cobb Valley.

Motueka can offer the visitor generous portions of sunshine, fine beaches, bush walking, trout fishing (Motueka river) as well as wonderful wine, fine foods and innovative crafts.

Tasman Bay Roses
Hayley Westenra Hybrid Tea

A sensational new Hybrid Tea has been named in honour of New Zealand singing star Hayley Westenra to raise funds for UNICEF.

In Ghana, girls are expected to complete household chores before they can leave for school. Somehave to walk 5-10 km - the long journey leaves them tired and vulnerable. Many girls cannot cope and drop out. Tasman Bay Roses is proud to be associated with Hayley Westenra in helping UNICEF to provide girls with an education.

Hayley Westenra

For every rose purchased the sum of $4.00 will be sent to UNICEF NZ to buy bikes for girls in Ghana so they can get to school, as the distance between home and school discourages attendance.

Winter price: $22.50 (plus courier charge for mail orders - link in logo).

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - (The link will open in a new window.)

Note to Prospective Buyers (see also part 2):

To import any rose plants from New Zealand you would need to obtain a Phytosanitary ('plant health') Certificate from the New Zealand Plant Health Authority (see: ). Provided this certificate is with the plants when they arrive in the UK then they will be cleared through Customs.

Import regulations apply in all EU countries, and similar restrictions will apply in many other contries. You are atrongly advised to check with your local Customs and Excise department prior to placement of order. Tasman roses are grown in the open ground, so rules pertaining to soil condition may also apply.

Failure to obtain the correct certification may result in the firery destruction of your precious import!


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