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Hayley's MySpace Newsletter March 2007

Tuesday 27 March 2007


Greetings from the south!

Hello hello!

How is everyone?! I have to say, this glorious sunshine in ..Atlanta, GA, is doing me the world of good. I'm sorry to those of you who are missing out! It's a bit of a contrast to the crisp New York weather we experienced just the other day where I had no choice but to buy some new boots to replace my drenched ones (I was the only one who repeatedly stepped in the melted snow puddles) and where the Celtic Woman girls and I had to pile on every item of clothing we owned to avoid freezing to the spot when we kicked off the St Patrick's Day parade. The previous day we had performed at the White House (where they fortunately did have sufficient heating as we were wearing our sleeveless stage costumes!). It was a great honour and although I had actually already performed for and met President George Bush before, I, along with everyone else, was pretty star-struck! I had hoped to have a quiet word to the President about his work on Global Warming, but unfortunately he was whisked off early, along with the Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahearn TD, due to a terrorist threat. We also had to leave promptly –we only had a sold-out concert at Radio City Music Hall that night…a 3hr train journey away!

Both Radio City shows went very well. The crowd seemed to have a blast and so did we. I still wasn't back in 100% health and was dealing with the tail end of a cold, but despite this, did enjoy myself immensely. The CW team is made up of such wonderful people –I really am one lucky girl.

On Tuesday I had a solo NY gig at Ullyses where there were also a couple of NZ film crews attending (I believe some footage has been put up on my website www.hayleywestenra.com). Initially it was quite strange going back to doing a solo show as opposed to being up on stage with the support of 4 other girls, but very quickly I felt right back at home. The show gave me the opportunity to perform some of the new material from my new album 'Celtic Treasure' (in the US)/ 'Treasure' (in the rest of the world) which was fun. I also performed the song 'Dulaman' which in the Irish language means 'seaweed', however this song is actually about a young man. He is nicknamed by the seaweed he gathers and is trying to win over a fellow seaweed gatherer's daughter. This is one of the songs I perform on tour with Celtic Woman and I really wanted to try it out with the musicians I had backing me up for this show –keyboard/whistle, violin and guitar. I think we did a smashing version of it if I'm allowed to say so myself!

The CW group reconvened in Charlotte, NC on the Thursday for two shows at the Ovens Auditorium –great audiences as usual – and then hit Nashville, TN for two shows over the weekend. As the tourbus pulled away from Jackson Hall and headed towards Atlanta, GA I realised that I hadn't seen anything of the city apart from the hotel, venue and local Walgreens, which was a little disappointing, but at least I now have a good excuse to come back!

Well, I'd better go and get myself ready for the show tonight…Lots of love to you all.


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