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Hayley's Official Newsletter No. 1 of 2007

Thursday 5 April 2007


News from Hayley Westenra - www.hayleywestenra.com


Welcome to our first International newsletter of 2007!

UK Hayley fans will be well aware that Hayley’s new album 'Treasure' is out now. The album has also been released internationally in the US (entitled Celtic Treasure), Canada, Japan, Australia (entitled Celtic Treasure), New Zealand and Ireland. Treasure has been another chart success for Hayley, entering the UK pop charts at #9 (and #1 in the classical charts), #3 in the US crossover charts, #5 in the Australian classical charts.

*** STOP PRESS *** - we've just been told that the album has just entered at the New Zealand pop album charts at #1! - Congratulations Hayley !!

‘Treasure’ will be released in the next few weeks in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan so look out for it! We've already spotted the album being promoted in record stores - see below!

In addition to the CD version of the album, you can also find Treasure and Celtic Treasure in all major digital music retailers. Special versions of the digital albums are available with bonus tracks too.

iTunes Australia * New Zealand * USA - Bonus version of Celtic Treasure features E Pari Ra - not available on the album.
iTunes UK - Bonus version of Treasure features the bonus tracks "Last Rose of Summer" and "Jekyll"

New York City, here she comes….

Hayley visited New York last week to take part in their St Patrick’s Day celebrations. She performed with the ‘Celtic Woman’ group at the legendary Radio City Music Hall and then had a concert of her own to launch her new album at one of the city’s oldest Irish venues,the Ulysses' Folkhouse.

TV crews and media from around the world were there and Hayley wowed them all with her voice and the personal songs which feature on this new album. It was also the first time Hayley’s performed some of her original songs live which was a huge thrill for her.

TV3 New Zealand featured music from the launch, and had a great interview with Hayley.
Click here to watch the video

TV New Zealand also featured Hayley's New York adventures in their 'Close Up' programme -
click here to watch the video

New video medley!

Keen Hayley fans will already know that we've been playing the video press kit for Treasure on the new website for some time now. We also have a new medley of tracks from 'Treasure' which will be available soon in iTunes and other online video services. We wanted to preview it for Hayley fans first…..have a look. click here

Hayley is homeward bound

Hayley is planning to visit Australia on her way home to to New Zealand on April 21st and will no doubt mobbed from the minute she arrives at the airport. Hayley will then be in Sydney from April 28 – 30 and in Melbourne on May 1st. We’ll have more details about what radio and TV shows Hayley will appear on as soon as they are confirmed.

A new look for HayleyWestenra.com!

Finally, many of you will have seen that Hayley’s official site relaunched a few weeks ago with a whole new look and lots of new material inside. Now you can see all Hayley’s videos, hear excerpts of her new album and check out all new photos. Hayley’s even promised to send updates from her travels on her very own blog (launching soon) plus the favourite parts such as the forum are going strong so check it out and participate in discussions going on around the world!

Thanks for reading - more news soon !!
Hayley's web team
This newsletter was brought to you by http://www.hayleywestenra.com/
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