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RHS Wisley - 2 of 4 - "Lady, in Red"
we adore you!

20060608 - 2

20060308_wi_steve-hayter_059.jpg (80kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_060.jpg (61kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_061.jpg (68kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_062.jpg (64kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_063.jpg (66kb)
20060308_wi_steve-hayter_064.jpg (75kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_065.jpg (85kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_066.jpg (64kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_067.jpg (69kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_068.jpg (76kb)
20060308_wi_steve-hayter_069.jpg (77kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_070.jpg (63kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_071.jpg (76kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_072.jpg (65kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_073.jpg (55kb)
20060308_wi_steve-hayter_074.jpg (62kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_075.jpg (66kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_076.jpg (75kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_077.jpg (78kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_078.jpg (67kb)
20060308_wi_steve-hayter_079.jpg (53kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_080.jpg (62kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_081.jpg (96kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_082.jpg (63kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_083.jpg (77kb)
20060308_wi_steve-hayter_084.jpg (76kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_085.jpg (74kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_086.jpg (42kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_087.jpg (86kb) 20060308_wi_steve-hayter_088.jpg (55kb)

From 1998 to date... Dozens of Galleries
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Fan(tastic) artwork
Friends & Family
Sophie - 2 pages
This is Hayley
Bledisloe Cup
Pure and Simple
Hayley at 16
Pure OZ TV Caps
Faenol Festival
Various US Pictures
Pure Tour UK - 13 pages
Pure Success
Winter Tour - 7 pages
Macy's Day Parade
St Paul - Minnesota
Hi Celebs
Hampton Court
St James' Piccadilly
Odyssey Tour Brochure
Odyssey Re-release
Montreal (Il Divo) & Ottawa (Hayley)
Il Divo - Minneapolis
Cadogan Hall - Steve H
20060608 #1 #2 #3
Cadogan Hall - Stuart H
Wisley - Steve H
Wisley - Stuart H
Newmarket - Steve H
Newmarket - Stuart H
Toast New Zealand
Cadogan Hall 2 - Steve H
Cadogan Hall 2 - Stuart H
Canterbury 1 - Steve H
Canterbury 2 - Stuart H
Westminster - S&S H
Alfred Salter School
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Telford - by Grant
Treasure Official Photos
Different Voices - Grant
Different Voices - Steve
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