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Hayley Sings Her Heart out at the Bledisloe Rugby Cup Final


Celebrates performs the New Zealand National Anthem in Sydney, Australia - 3rd August 2002

Haley flew to Sydney, Australia, for the Tri-Nations/Bledisloe Rugby Cup Match.

Wintry conditions, and nowhere in Australia as windy, that day, as the gigantic Olympic Stadium, where the match was held. Performing before her largest ever live audience - 70,000 spectators had gathered to watch this very important match - Hayley was, as always, at her very best. Despite the blustery conditions, and having to sing into the wind to avoid microphone noise, she sang her little heart out, to the well-deserved applause of both country's appreciative rugby fans.

   Below: Hayley performs into the wind, 3rd August 2002 - All images may be ebkarged
Opening shots, showing the Sydney Olympic Stadium before the match. Hayley opened the games
with the New Zealand National Anthem. Julie Anthony then sang Australia's...
Below outer-left: The Tri-Nations Cup (left) and the Bledisloe Cup (right) The New Zealand fans contingent was in full and vocal view!
Would you like to face this lot? The New Zealand team perform the ritual Hakka (Aboriginal War Dance)
prior to falling to the more determined (note: not better) Australian team

some of these images are brought to you thanks to www.hayleywestenra.com
Copyright Universal Music Group UK Ltd. and Jill Westenra
September 13, 2006 12:16

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Some of these images are brought to you thanks to www.hayleywestenra.com
Copyright Decca/Universal Music Group UK Ltd., Jill Westenra, and others where noted.

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