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Video 20020803 - The Bledisloe Cup
3 August 2002

Hayley performs the New Zealand National Anthem in front of her largest ever live audience. Shivering from neither cold nor loss of nerve, she is highly to be commended. Truly excellent.

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Windows Media Video

Both of these anthems are now available in MP3 audio - thanks to Gareth K.

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Created especially for those who are unable to watch the video-files.You may now listen to MP3's of either - or both - anthems. Small enough to download quickly, or fast enough to enjoy online with a 56k modem!

NEW - MP3 audio files

New Zealand National Anthem
sung by Hayley Westenra - 1.28Mb
Australian National Anthem
sung by Julie Anthony - 688Kb
BOTH anthems segued
plus a little of the commentary - 1.31Mb

Thanks to Keith S for supplying the video tape.
Digital capture and clip editing by the Webmaster

Shown in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports One


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